Assignment of your thesis supervisor

Useful infromation about the final degree exam

The Department of Management has prepared a guidebook with useful information about the final degree exam. Please consult it in order to know how to:

  • request a professor belonging to the Department of Management as your thesis supervisor;
  • research materials and how to structure and prepare your thesis. 

Thesis Supervisor

Students can choose as thesis supervisor (Bachelor’s or Master's Degree):

  • a full professor, an associate or a researcher belonging to the Department of Management, by following the online procedure;
  • a full professor, an associate or a researcher belonging to the Department of Economics; 

Adjunct professors may be supervisors only if they hold teaching required by the degree programme.

Thesis supervisors may not include:

  • adjunct professors of supplementary activities
  • non-permanent professors
  • Foreing Language Assistants (CEL)
  • visiting professors

Students can ask the teaching committee a non-economic area supervisor: if the response of the committee will be positive, a second supervisor of economic area will be assigned.

Online procedure for the assignment of your thesis supervisor

If the professor who will be your thesis supervisor belongs to the Department of Management, is mandatory to complete online procedure. If the supervisor is related to the Department of Economics this procedure is not necessary.

Before that, please meet the professor during his/her office hours according to propose your thesis' topic.

IMPORTANT: do not confuse the Department's online procedure for the assignment of your thesis supervisor with the online request to graduate. For further information check this web page

In order to complete the online procedure and get a thesis supervisor, please follow these instructions: 

  • Entrer your Personal Area using your useername and password and follow the path: Segreteria studenti – Esse3 > Assegnazione del relatore per la tesi [ITA]
  • Click on "Accedi applicazione”
  • Click on “Compila una nuova domanda di tesi”
  • Select your Department
  • Complete the online form
  • Select the professor
  • Click on "Invia proposta"

The deadlines to complete the online form and the response dates of professors are as follow: 

Online form application Professors' response
15th April - 15th May 16th - 25th May
1st - 30th September 1st - 10th October
10th - 31st January 1st - 10th February

Professors will reply telematically, either accepting, rejecting or requesting a modification to your thesis proposal. Within 15 days from professor's reply, please complete the online procedure by clickinf "Conferma".

Proposals that have not been confirmed by this time will be automatically refused.

Last update: 12/08/2022