Giardino Ca' Dolfin

Photo gallery of the university venues from 1868 onwards

Building Ca' Dolfin - map
Address Dorsoduro 3825/e - 30123 (VE)
Capacity 100 persons approx.
Accessibility Accessible after climbing steps - Accessible route
Size 724 square meters
Multimedia equipment Not provided for
Standard equipment Open space or partly equipped with benches

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The entrance door in Calle Dolfin opens on a wide garden leading to Ca’ Dolfin. The venue is pleasantly organized, with vegetation and architectural elements; the colorful plants and flowerbeds are combined with stairs, marble benches and a sixteenth century well.

The building has another courtyard facing Rio San Pantalon. The characteristic pleasant and intimate atmosphere makes them the perfect setting for a buffet, catering events and meetings.


Services include opening and closing the venue at the beginning of the event. Additional paid services may be requested at the time of reservation.

Additional paid services that can be requested: Wi-Fi, nomadic audio/video equipment, technical assistance.

Catering services may be requested at the time of reservation.

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Last update: 02/07/2024