Cortili interni Ca' Foscari

Photo gallery of the university venues from 1868 onwards

Building Ca' Foscari - map
Address Dorsoduro 3246 - 30123 (VE) - Ground floor
Capacity High
Accessibility Accessible - Accessible route
Size Cortile Ca' Foscari: 900 square meters approx. (30x29 m ca.) / Cortile Squellini: 240 square meters approx. (18x14 m ca.)
Multimedia equipment Not provided for
Standard equipment Free spaces or partly equipped with benches

Reservations schedule - Cortile Ca' Foscari

Reservations schedule - Cortile Squellini

The Foscari Giustinian buildings are characterized by two courtyards that are connected by a “sotoportego”. Covering an area of 900 m2, the Cortile Grande is one of the largest private courtyards in Venice, second after the Doge’s Palace. The recently restored portal holds the Foscari crest.

The Cortile Piccolo Squellini, beautiful and intimate with terracotta tiles, has one of the best preserved puteals in the city. The colour contrast between terracotta and stone is highlighted by the stone staircase bringing to Ca’ Giustinian’s “piano nobile”, now of the Rectory.

The courtyards of Ca’ Foscari mainly hosts cultural and musical events as well as research and innovation related initiatives, university and city related meetings, exhibitions and international initiatives, gala dinners, exclusive events.


Services include opening and closing the venue at the beginning of the event. Additional paid services may be requested at the time of reservation.

Additional paid services that can be requested: Wi-Fi, audio/video equipment, technical assistance.

Catering services may be requested at the time of reservation.

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