Pills of competencies

Pills of Competencies is a cycle of seminars, organized by the Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre, dedicated to the students enrolled in the Masters’ Degree Programs, whose aim is the development of specific soft skills.

The soft skills are individual characteristics that are necessary to achieve effective work performance. These competences can be activated in any job that requires them, and they can involve achievement, relational or cognitive dimensions, such as: achievement orientation, initiative, adaptability, empathy, leadership, conflict management, persuasion, group management, self-awareness, self-control, pattern recognition, system thinking, oral communication, etc.

Through Pills of Competencies, the participants will be able to:

  • understand the importance of some soft skills to improve their performance;
  • be aware of how much they demonstrate these competencies;
  • understand how these competencies are related to effective behaviors;
  • implement strategies to develop these competencies.

Pills of Competencies are made up of interactive seminars, aimed at making each participant quickly improve his / her level of possession of the competencies.

In addition, Pills of Competencies is the natural complement to other initiatives aimed at the development of soft skills organized by the Ca 'Foscari Competency Centre, such as the Competency Labs and the course Emotional Competencies and Personal Development, which can be attended in addition to the participation of Pills of Competencies.

Pills of Competencies is an initiative realized by the Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre in collaboration with UMANA.

Contents and calendar (delivered only in Italian)

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Earn Open Badge with CFCC

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badge (OBI - Open Badges Infrastructure) is an open technical standard, developed by Mozilla Foundation, and adopted by more than fourteen thousand organizations around the world in order to identify, recognize, gather and narrate the competencies of people.

Each Open Badge is associated with an image which embeds metadata about the skill that the badge represents, the recipient to whom the badge has been issued, how the skill has been assessed, the institutions that assessed it (in this specific case Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for the open badge earnt by the participants of the learning activities offered by the Ca’ Foscary Competency Centre).

In Italy, Open Badges that comply with the standard defined by Mozilla are issued by BERST.

How can they be displayed?

Open Badges can be included in the digital curriculum vitae to recognize your competencies and can be shared across the web, for instance through Linkedin, in order to display your own competency portfolio.

How can they be earnt?

Attending at least 3 Pills of Competencies, at least 1 pill on Emotional competencies (among: Achievement Orientation, Stress management and self-control, Adaptability) and at least 1 pill on Social competencies (among: Empathy, Persuasion, Teamworking, Communication, Leadership) you earn the Open Badge “Soft Skills: Emotional and Social Competencies”.

Last update: 14/02/2024