Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for public policies

VERA Centre

The Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for Public Policies (VERA) is the new Centre of the Department of Economics focusing on big data applied to social welfare and wellbeing, risk analytics and evaluation of public policies. A primary aim of the Centre is to inform policy makers and to provide scientific support for decisions concerning several policy challenges such as the sustainability of welfare systems, the phenomenon of migration, the effects of climate change, the mitigation strategies of environmental impacts, the emergence of policy and financial instability.

Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for public policies (VERA)

The activities of the Centre will address four of the Ca’ Foscari Research Institutes for Global Challenges (Complexity, Social Innovation, International Studies, Green and Blue Growth) through methodologies and advanced systems based on the use of big data, social networks, georeferencing, experimental data (lab and field experiments).

One of the most important goals is to enhance production and use of big data and to develop economic, mathematical and statistical models applicable to different economic sectors such as agriculture and environment, health, finance and sustainability. These models will be in line with the objectives of industry 4.0 and the digital transformation.

The VERA Centre is funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research [ITA] through the Department of Excellence Project.


Innovating research

Innovating research methods, adapting them to calculation models that can exploit the great potential of microdata and big data from different sources.

Strengthening research

Strengthening experimental research conducted in lab and field (lab and field experiments).

Improving public policies

Widening the fields of application of the analysis of and methodologies for the evaluation of public policies in order to improve their quality and effectiveness.

Training future decision makers

Training future economists and analysts able to provide scientific support for analysis and to identify potential public policy actions.

Attracting international talents

Enhancing international talent selection and recruitment in order to set up an international multidisciplinary and multicultural research team with the best talents on board.


Women and work

Fondazione Bellisario in cooperation with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Treviso and the VERA Center of Ca’ Foscari University  organizes a webinar on women’s leadership in the North-East enterprises.

Bringing to light the unobservable term premium of Euro Area government bonds

Previously considered an obscure part of academic jargon, the term premium of government bonds has become key to discussions on monetary policy and economic stability. An EU-funded project, led by Andrea Berardi and Monica Billio as supervisor, sheds further light on this unobservable component of the yield curve to the benefit of policymakers, central bankers and the general public.

The 'price' of uncertainty reflected in the articles of the Il Sole 24 Ore

On 'Economics Letters' a study that reveals how an increase in uncertainty has effects on the stock market, but also on the returns claimed by investors. Among the authors (Michael Donadelli and Paolo Pellizzari) a graduate student, Ivan Gufler, winner of a VERA Internship Grant.

The new post-COVID world: from finance to football

A team of 53 economists has explored past experiences and possible recovery scenarios in various fields of economics, business and finance, creating in just a few weeks the first book on the post-COVID world,  published by Edizioni Ca’ Foscari and downloadable for free online. The book is edited by Monica Billio, Director of the Department of Economics of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Simone Varotto, associate professor at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading.