Centro Internazionale di Ricerca Marco Polo (MaP)

Centro di Ricerca Marco Polo - Centre for Global Europe-Asia Connections

MaP Centre

The MaP Centre's mission is to foster collaborative scientific research and networking for the study of cultural, social, political, economic, and religious interactions across Europe, the Mediterranean region, and Asia.

It aims at developing international scientific cooperation on topics such as new religious identities, social and political institutions, and the history of relations in an innovative, transcultural perspective.

The scope of MaP’s activities covers also cross-cutting issues such as migration and climate change.



Joint seminars and lectures, in collaboration with national and international visiting scholars


In-residence post-doctoral fellowships on research topics related the Centre’s mission


International summer schools, focused on historical processes and emerging trends in politics, governance, economics, and socio-cultural changes between Europe, the Mediterranean region, and Asia


Summer School “Uncovering Pathways of Change along the Belt and Road”

Young scholars and practitioners were trained for a critical and ethically grounded study of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Summer School was held at San Servolo from the 1st to the 7th of September

The Centre first research fellowships

The first group of MaP research fellowships has been approved. Check out the MaP website for updated information on open calls and ongoing research.

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom at the Marco Polo Centre

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, professor of History at the University of California, Irvine, held the lecture "Mr Science and Mr. Democracy in China from 1919 to 2019" for the Marco Polo Centre workshops

The Belt and Road Initiative. Perceptions from Japan, Pakistan, and Iran

This Colloquium will be held at Ca' Foscari University (aula Baratto) on the 18th of February 2020 and will focus on how different Asian countries perceive China, its foreign policies, its growing international role and the Belt and Road initiative.