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You can read the Regulation at this link: Carriere Minor e Advanced Course (ITA)

What does paper copy modification of the study plan mean? Where can I find the form?

A paper copy means a change made without using the online procedure for completing the programme. In this case you can print the study plan from your online account, make the changes, and submit them to the secretariat at your department to get approval from the college offering the course. 

Do I have to change the study plan every year even if I do not have to change anything? 

You will have to confirm the plan via the online procedure each year.

Can I change my study plan at any time by writing an email?

No, there are precise dates for compiling the study plan. Consult the procedure on the Study plan and Exams page.

I made an error completing the study plan and the deadline has already passed, what can I do?

You will have to wait for the following year.

Can I change curriculum at any time of the year? 

No. You can change the curriculum during the same period as for the completion of the study plan.

Why can't I find the exam to which I want to register?

First check that the exam is included in your study plan and that registration is open. If necessary, contact the relevant Campus/Department.

I included an exam in the plan that was not subsequently delivered, what should I do? 

Contact the relevant Campus/Department.

If I have not included an exam in the study plan, can I take it all the same?

No. Each exam to be taken must necessarily be in the study plan.

Can I include extra exams? Are they useful for my graduation grade?

Yes, you can take a number of credits in excess, provided that you remain within the limit for your course. You can find more detailed information on the study plan page.

Can an exam be cancelled once registered?

No, it's not possible.

I am a language student, can I change my study language at any time of the year?

No, you will have to follow the same deadlines for completing the study plan.

I am a language student, I have changed my study language, do I have to recompile the study plan? 

Yes. Once the language has changed you will have to recompile the study plan.

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Last update: 17/04/2024