Fabio Michelucci
Political economy

Let’s talk about you: what is your background, what do you teach, and what are your research interests?
My name is Fabio Michelucci. At Ca' Foscari I teach courses in microeconomics and game theory. I research the strategic behaviour of actors interacting in a market. Specifically, I want to understand how to improve the operation of a given market (market design). This is done both by proposing new market rules and by analysing the role of information in markets.

Tell us about your academic path
I came back to Italy in late 2020 after a direct call from abroad by Ca' Foscari. I spent a long part of my professional life abroad. After graduating from the University of Florence in Economics, I continued my studies first in Barcelona, where I obtained my master's degree at Pompeu Fabra University, and then in London, where I took my PhD in Economics at University College London (UCL). I then did research first in Pasadena (USA) as a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology and then in Prague (Czech Republic) at CERGE-EI first as an assistant professor and then as an associate professor.

Can you offer any advice to researchers in the early stages of their careers?
Many things change over time, but I think the main ingredients for good research remain the same. You need passion and creativity, and a lot of dedication. Young researchers should be ambitious and innovative by nature. I think it is important to contribute with your own individual and original qualities, so work hard to learn all you need from those who came before you and then express your creativity in research.

Last update: 09/04/2024