Research grants

Open calls for applications and relevant modules for research grants can be found on this page. 

To find test calendars where applicable, evaluation results and more useful information, please visit the page publishing expired calls

Structure Title Details
Department of Economics Analysis and research for the implementation of a process of integration of the sectoral policies of the Veneto Region towards complementary sustainability - DEADLINE 2021-12-15, h. 12:00 noon – local time.
Department of Economics Study of the financial problems among Italian municipalities: forward a reform - DEADLINE 2021.12.15, h. 12:00 noon – local time
Department of Economics Empirically assessing the workability of older individuals during the Covid-19 crisis in the SHARE data. The analysis will consider teleworking activities and the type of occupation based on ISCO codes - DEADLINE 2021-12-15, h. 12:00 noon – local time