09 Mar 2020 15:30

SOSPESO: A Guide for the Digital Humanist

Malcanton Marcorà, 2° piano, sala Piccola

3 day workshop: 9th-11th March 2020

How to Design, Manage and Publish Ontologies on the Semantic Web: A Guide for the Digital Humanist

Anas Fahad Khan and Andrea Bellandi (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale -CNR-ILC) with a keynote by Monica Monachini (CNR-ILC), the national coordinator of CLARIN-IT 

The workshop is tailored for digital humanists of all disciplinary backgrounds. It includes an initial general introduction on the the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data as well as hands-on tutorials and experience. Participants will learn how to create (design, manage and publish) ontologies and how to query Semantic Web resources. The workshop is free of charge. Further details will soon be available on the VeDPH website:

We would ask anyone who may be interested in attending to write an e-mail to: by responding to the following questions (in case of a large number of applications, candidates will be selected on the basis of their stated motivation and current research project).
Questions: 1. What is your academic background? 2. What are your research interests in general? 3. What is/are your currently active research project(s)? 4. What is your current level of knowledge about ontologies and linked data? 5. What do you expect to learn at the seminar? 6. How do you expect to apply it to your project(s)?

Deadline for applications: 14th February 2020


The event will be held in Italian

Organized by

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; VeDPH

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