27 Feb 2024 09:00

PhD Symposium on Metaphors: Conceptualising Horizons of Meaning

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscary University of Venice

In their influential book published in 1980 (i.e. Metaphors We Live By), George Lakoff and Mark Johnson revolutionised the way we think of metaphors, suggesting that, far from being a mere matter of language, metaphors constitute a powerful device deeply grounded in our conceptual system, which enables our understanding of the world.

Their theory has had unprecedented implications in a vast array of research fields ranging from politics to psychology, showing that indeed metaphors constitute the core of human experience and knowledge

By recognising the fundamental role of metaphors in shaping our perception and interpretation of reality, and the centrality of metaphors in our everyday thoughts and language, this symposium seeks to unravel the intricate threads that connect metaphors to diverse disciplines, encouraging exploration and dialogue within and across different areas of knowledge and research.

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Department of Asian and North African Studies

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