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2018/2019 Programmi anni precedenti
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EM4040 (AF:257652 AR:159810)
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Laurea magistrale (DM270)
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2° Periodo
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The goal of the course is to apply fundamental principles of corporate finance to real companies and demonstrate how investors evaluate and value firms. The perspective is the firm value maximization: the focus is on principles that guide corporate manager decisions on financing and investing. In detail, business decisions are classified into three groups: investment, financing, and dividend decisions. At the end of the course, students will be able to fully understand and apply the process of valuation that represents the standard activity of a security analyst in a broker house.
Attending and actively participating to classes, studying the textbook and the other suggested materials, including the real cases used during the course, will allow students to:
1. Knowledge and comprehension
• acquire advanced knowledge of fundamental models of corporate finance and know how to apply them in practice, to comprehend how in reality the investment, financing and dividend decisions work.

2. Ability to apply knowledge and comprehension
• master the techniques to determine firm expected cash flows and to calculate the cost of capital to discount cash flows
• identify the company optimal financial structure
• comprehend the consequences of the choices of dividend policies
• apply methods and tools acquired during the course to interpret the dynamics of corporate finance

3. Judgment ability
• critically evaluate company valuations like a financial analyst
• evaluate the sustainability of the firm financial structure and its equilibrium
• evaluate the effects of different dividend policies that the firm may choose
The main prerequisite is knowledge of Financial and management accounting.
Module 2 - 2 period of classes
- Debt e firm value: the effects of corporate and personal taxation
- Debt e firm value: the effects of agency and distress costs
- Debt e firm value: the term structure of debt
- Cost of capital and structured finance solutions
- Dividend policies and firm value

Information on the first part of the course - first period of classes - see:
Aswath Damodaran, Applied Corporate Finance: A User's Manual – 4th Edition,
ISBN-13: 978-1-118-80893-1

Supplementary study material - such as slides, papers, and exercises - will be available on Moodle.
The course grade will be based on the course project and by a written exam, that lasts 60 minutes, composed by three essay questions.
The course in mainly organized in frontal classes. All the material discussed in class will be available to students in Moodle. Classes combine fundamental principles of the subject with their practical application through exercises and real cases.
Students are required to solve case studies on topics covered in class: case studies are not mandatory but provide additional points (3pts max) to sum to the final exam mark to get the final grade.
La partecipazione alle lezioni non è obbligatoria, ma fortemente raccomandata. Allo stesso modo, si raccomanda una partecipazione attiva in aula.
La partecipazione alle lezioni e la partecipazione in aula non influiscono direttamente sul voto finale (l'esame è dunque lo stesso sia per gli studenti frequentanti che per non frequentanti).
Programma definitivo.
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