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The use of Web 2.0 and social media tools has been significantly transforming the interaction among companies and their clients: consumers are generating and sharing contents concerning their favorite products along with the web spaces, companies are providing new values and services throught the web. In this new context it is important to understand how to plan a social media strategy, analysing the consumer behavior, deciding where and when the company has to be present and measuring the results. The course will provide students an advance knowledge related to the social media marketing activities, the specific terminology used online and how this innovative way of communication is linked to the offline communication.
At the end of this course students know:
- what social media marketing is
- the main areas of social media marketing (social community, social commerce, social publishing, and partially also social entertainment) and how they are related each others
- how to analyse the customer journey and how to plan the communication accordingly
- how to develop and plan social media marketing activities
- how to evaluate social media activities
A basic knowledge of marketing and communication
Contents can be divided in five main topics:
1) foundation of Social media marketing, that provides basic elements and terminology
2) online consumer behavior
3) social commerce
4) social publishing
5) social media metrics
For non attending students:
Tuten and Solomon, Social Media Marketing, Pearson
Court D., Elzinga D., Mulder S. & Vetrivk O.J., The consumer decision journey, McKinsey Quarterly

For attending students:
- Written exam to verify the comprehension of the basic knowledge of social media marketing theory (it has to be sufficient)
- Class participation to verify the ability to understand concepts and link topics
- team work to verify the ability to apply the theoretical concepts in a real situation
For non attending students
- Written exam (multiple-choice questions) to verify the comprehension of the basic knowledge of social media marketing theory
- Oral exam (only for students passing the written part) to discuss topics and verify the ability to apply this topic to real situations that teacher will provide during the exam

Professors will use:
a) lecture-style presentation;
b) class activities aim at putting into practice theoric approaches presenting during lectures. Small groups of students
must discuss, analyze and present to the class the results achieved
c) Project work based on contents creation and sharing. This project will help student applying social media tools on the field.
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