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2021/2022 Programmi anni precedenti
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LMH370 (AF:340902 AR:190778)
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Laurea magistrale (DM270)
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This is a second-year course addressed to students of the Master Degree in Environmental Humanities who are not required to take the Italian language class.
The final goal is to enable students to recognize, analyze, and produce different types of environmental writing and communication.
Advanced reading, speaking and writing knowledge of English (B2)
The course will examine different types and styles of environmental (and anti-environmental) writing and communication. We will be looking at journalism, essays, fiction, poetry, copy writing, social media, scientific, critical and technical writing in order to analyze the different discourses, rhetorics, approaches employed by authors from different cultures and ideological positions. We will also briefly consider film and documentaries to interrogate the specifics of visual communication. We will also look at some classics of 'nature writing' to see how environmental communication has changed over time. We will hear directly and learn from professionals who will participate as guest speakers, and we will engage in some writing and communication exercises of our own to try our hand at this fundamental component of the environmental humanities.
The reading list will be announced at the beginning of the course and will be entirely available on the Moodle page.
The exam will be based on a continuous assessment system requiring team work a final individual project (to be discussed in advance with the professor).
Lectures, class discussion, online activities. Guest speakers will be invited.

Questo insegnamento tratta argomenti connessi alla macroarea "Cambiamento climatico e energia" e concorre alla realizzazione dei relativi obiettivi ONU dell'Agenda 2030 per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile

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