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2022/2023 Programmi anni precedenti
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FOY07 (AF:431857 AR:236364)
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Corso di Formazione (DM270)
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The Art History course is part of the Humanities track of the Foundation Year programme. The main aim of the course is to provide international students with a high level of expertise in European arts and architecture from Classical to Contemporary art, in order to prepare them for admission to Bachelor degree courses in cultural heritage conservation (or equivalent) in Italy and Europe.
Thanks to the combination of different teaching and learning techniques (frontal lectures; group discussion; group-work; guided tours) students will learn:
- to describe and compare works of Italian architecture, painting and sculpture;
- to set them in their historical context and within the development of the History of European Art and Architecture, with peculiar attention to the legacy of Classical Art in Western Culture.
A basic knowledge of history of religions and of European history from antiquity to the turn of the 21st century is recommended.
The course will focus on the development and the spread of the arts in Europe from the early Medieval period to the 19th century, with special attention to the legacy of Classical Art in Western Culture. Starting from the end of the Roman Empire and its legacy, the course will explore the main traits of each historical period of the arts produced and preserved in Italy (Greek and Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical Art, Contemporary Art). The analysis of single masterpieces will represent a first glimpse at the historical context and will provide students with the opportunity to delve deeper into exploring their features, style and the techniques employed to produce them. Special attention will be dedicated to Venice: a walking tour around the city will enable students to gain first-hand access to architectures, sculptures and monuments ranging from Medieval to Contemporary Art.
E. H. GOMBRICH, The Story of Art, London: Phaidon Press, 16th edition, 2007 (selected chapters)
Participation: 30%
Intermediate tests: 30%
Final oral presentation: 40%
Please note that attendance is compulsory.
Frontal lectures, discussion groups, intermediate tests, one/two guided tours
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