Giancarlo CORO'

Full Professor
Member of the Steering Committee of the "Observatory of International Relations and Politics (OPRI)"
Department's Delegate for Job Placement
041 234 6676 / 041 234 9189
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Department of Economics
Where: San Giobbe
Interdepartmental School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship
Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem - Temporary Project Centre
Research Institute
Research Institute for International Studies

Giancarlo Corò is Full Professor of Applied Economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The main research fields concern Development Economics, International Industrial Economics and Global Value Chains, Economic complexity and Local innovation systems.

Teaching assignments:

- Development Economics and Policies (Degree in International Trade Economics)

- Economics of Globalization (Degree in Philosophy, International Studies & Economics)

- Industrial Cluster Economics (Master Degree in Global Development & Entrepreneurship)


Other assignments:

- Dean of Master Degree Global Development and Entrepreneurship, Ca’ Foscari University

- Scientific Director of Active Learning Lab Export Manager, Ca’ Foscari University

- Scientific Committee, Master in Sustainable Local Development Manager, University of  Padua

- Scientific Committee, Fondazione Nord Est Research Institute, Venice

- Scientific Committee, l'industria - Review of Industrial Economics and Policy

- Steering Committee CMET05 - Applied Industrial Economics Group


Visiting Scholar:

- Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA (1988)

- Programa de Pòs-Graduaçào Desenvolvimento Regional, Universidade de Santa Cruz Do Sul, Brazil (2012)

- Centre on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA (2014)


Main Past Positions:

- Professor of Regional Political Economy at University of Urbino (1996-2002)

- Professor of Regional Economics at University of Trento (2002-2003)

- Professor of Urban Economics at Venice University Institute of Architecture (1998-2000)

- Director of Institute for Economic and Social Research – Venice (1993-2000)

- Member of the Steering committee of Veneto Region Competitiveness Forum (2003-2009)

- Member of the National Treasury Secretariat board for a reform of Industrial Districts policies (2005-2006)

- President of Regional Water Authority Bacchiglione (2008-2011)

- Director Master in Economics and Languages of Eastern Europe and Eurasia (2012-2017)

- Scientific Committee, Italian Trade Agency, Rome (2016-2019)

- Director of the School of Economics, Languages, Entrepreneurship, Ca’ Foscari University (2014-2020)