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  • Rova S.; Meire P.; Muller F.; Simeoni M.; Pranovi F. (2019), A Petri net modeling approach to explore the temporal dynamics of the provision of multiple ecosystem services in SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, Elsevier B.V., vol. 655, pp. 1047-1061 (ISSN 0048-9697)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3710408
  • Rova, Silvia*; Müller, Felix; Meire, Patrick; Pranovi, Fabio (2019), Sustainability perspectives and spatial patterns of multiple ecosystem services in the Venice lagoon: Possible roles in the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, vol. 98, pp. 556-567 (ISSN 1470-160X)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3710409
  • Rova, Silvia*; Pastres, Roberto; Zucchetta, Matteo; Pranovi, Fabio (2018), Ecosystem services' mapping in data-poor coastal areas: Which are the monitoring priorities? in OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT, vol. 153, pp. 168-175 (ISSN 0964-5691)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3697025
  • Alexander van Oudenhoven; Matthias Schröter; Evangelia G Drakou; Ilse R Geijzendorffer; Sander Jacobs; Peter M van Bodegom; Laurent Chazee; Bálint Czúcz; Karsten Grunewald; Ana I Lillebø; Laura Mononen; António J.A. Nogueira; Manuel Pacheco-Romero; Christian Perennou; Roy P Remme; Silvia Rova; Ralf-Uwe Syrbe; Jamie A Tratalos; María Vallejos; Christian Albert (2018), Key criteria for developing ecosystem service indicators to inform decision making in ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, vol. 95, pp. 417-426 (ISSN 1470-160X)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3702084
  • Rova, Silvia; Pranovi, Fabio (2017), Analysis and management of multiple ecosystem services within a social-ecological context in ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, vol. 72, pp. 436-443 (ISSN 1470-160X)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3678480
  • S. Rova; F. Pranovi; F. Müller (2015), Provision of ecosystem services in the lagoon of Venice (Italy): an initial spatial assessment in ECOHYDROLOGY & HYDROBIOLOGY, vol. 15, pp. 13-25 (ISSN 1642-3593)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3637713
  • Matozzo, Valerio; Rova, Silvia; Marin, Maria Gabriella (2012), The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen, affects the immune parameters in the clam Ruditapes philippinarum in MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, vol. 79, pp. 116-121 (ISSN 0141-1136)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3661440