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Politica economica [ECON-02/A]
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Centro Interdipartimentale "Scuola Interdipartimentale in Economia, Lingue e Imprenditorialità per gli Scambi Internazionali"
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 Professional Appointments and Previous Experiences

2019 (September) – present: Associate Professor (SECS-P/02), Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University.


2016 (September) – 2019 (August): Assistant Professor (SECS-P/02) with tenure track (art. 24 comma 3 lettera b) della Legge 240/2010), Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University.


2016 (April) – August: Contracted Professor, Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University.


2013 (April) – 2016 (March): Assistant Professor (SECS-P/02), Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University.


2011-2013 (March): ISTAT (National Institute for Statistics), Junior Researcher, Operational Unit: “Analysis and statistical treatment of short-term economic time series”.


2009-2010: ISAE (Institute for Studies and Economic Analyses), Junior Researcher, Operational Unit: “Business and Consumers Surveys”. Supervisor: Marco Malgarini.


2008-2010: Research Assistant, Macroeconomics (undergraduate course), Sapienza University of Rome. Lecturer: Prof. Claudio Sardoni.


2005-2008: Research Assistant, Monetary Economics (undergraduate course), Sapienza University of Rome. Lecturer: Prof. Mario Sarcinelli.



Academic Interests


Applied Macroeconomics, Growth, Financial Integration, Environmental Economics.





2009                                              PhD in Economics, (July 2009).


Dissertation Title: “The Role of Asset Markets in U.S. Business Cycle”. Supervisor: Prof. Claudio Sardoni.


2002                                              M.A. Economics.

ROME THREE UNIVERSITY. Qualifying Field: Economics of Information.


2001                                              Laurea in Economics.


Dissertation Title: “The Economics Aspect of Electronic Commerce”, supervised by Prof. Guido M. Rey.



Further Education


2004                                              Summer School in Time Series Econometrics for PhD Students.


Director: Prof. Giorgio Calzolari, University of Florence, Italy.


Visiting Positions


Visiting Researcher, Brunel University, Dept. of Economics and Finance, March-April, 2012.


Selected Research Fundings


2013-2016: “SYstemic Risk TOmography: Signals, Measurements, Transmission Channels, and Policy Interventions”, European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research (grant agreement n° 320270), Scientific Coordinator: Roberto Savona (Univ. of Brescia).


International Conferences


“AFI Macro Workshop”, Venice (Italy), December 10-11, 2021. Paper presented (title): “Residential prices and pandemics” (with Donadelli, M., Gerotto, L., Gufler, I.).


“AFI Macro Workshop”, Marseilles (France), November 28-29, 2019. Paper presented (title): “Computing Macro-Effects and Welfare Costs of Temperature Volatility: A Structural Aproach” (with Donadelli, M., Juppner, M., Schlag, C.).


“IFABS Asia 2017; Financial Innovation, Stability, and Sustainable Growth”, Ningbo (China), August 31-September 2, 2017. Paper presented (title): “On the Role of Domestic and International Financial Cyclical Factors in Driving Economic Growth” (with Billio, M.,  Donadelli, M., Giulia, L.).


“Credit 2017 Conference: Interest rates, growth, and regulations”, Venice (Italy), September 27-28, 2017. Paper presented (title): “On the Role of Domestic and International Financial Cyclical Factors in Driving Economic Growth” (with Billio, M.,  Donadelli, M., Giulia, L.).


“ESRB Analysis Working Group and the FSC Macroprudential Analysis Group”, Berlin (Germany), October 14-15, 2015. Paper presented (title): “A Novel Leading Indicator for Euro Area IP Growth” (with Donadelli, M., Riedel, M.).


“From crisis to growth? The challenge of imbalances, debt, and limited resources”, Berlin (Germany), October 28-29, 2011. Paper presented (title): “The dynamics of selected Euro countries public debt: Alternative paths for fiscal consolidation” (with Esposito, P. and Rao, B.B.).


“The world economy in crisis: The return of Keynesianinsm?” Berlin (Germany), October 30-31, 2009. Paper presented (title): “The financial fragility of capitalist economies and the “profit trap”: Considerations on the current crisis and monetary policy” (with Casadio, P. and  Sardoni, C.).


“Conference developments in Economic theory and policy”, Bilbao (Spain), July 2-3, 2009. Paper presented (title): “A Goodwin-Minsky model augmented for equity price and monetary policy” (with Casadio, P. and Sardoni, C.).




Applied Economics; Economic Modelling; Empirical Economics; International Review of Financial Analysis; Journal of Applied Statistics; Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis; Journal of Economic Studies; Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money; Journal of International Money and Finance; Journal of Macroeconomics; Regional Studies; Research in Economics; Southern Economic Journal.