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Dr. Arthur H. ESSENFELDER (male) is the Lead Researcher on Performance Assessment of Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies at the Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies (RAAS) division of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC), and an Adjunct Professor at the Ca’Foscari University of Venice for the courses "Climate Damage Modelling and Assessment", "Decision Theory and Multi-Criteria Analysis", and "Labs - Data, Tools and Methods for Earth Sciences - Practicals". Dr. Essenfelder is an environmental engineer by training, holding a Ph.D. in Science and Management of Climate Change obtained at the Ca'Foscari University of Venice, Italy. He is an expert of the European Environmental Agency’s European Topic Centre on Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation (ETC-CCA) and a task leader on flood damage modelling of the project SaferPLACES (EIT Climate-KIC). During the past few years, Dr. Essenfelder has been leading the flood hazard and risk modelling chain within the RAAS division of CMCC by relying on the utilisation of both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic flooding modelling tools for flood hazard characterisation and on site-specific depth-damage vulnerability curves for flood damage modelling. He has recently been involved in a World Bank led project named “COVID-19 Pandemic, Financial Shock and Natural Disasters: Assessing compound risks in four countries” where he is responsible for the catastrophe modelling chain of floods, droughts and tropical cyclones for a range of countries worldwide. His main research interests are on disaster risk reduction, on multi-hazard modelling, on compound and cascading risk assessments, and on risk modelling under a perspective of socio-hydrology and climate change. He has participated in various scientific conferences and has over 10 scientific publications in international peer reviewed journals.