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LINGUA INGLESE - ESAME - Cognomi Pat-Z [ET0042-1] VENEZIA (161104): Exam date and instruction - August/September session

Pubblicato il 20/07/2020

The official date for the August/September session is the following:

III Session: Thursday 27-09-2020 (09.00-11.00; 11.00-13.00; 13.00-15.00) – online written exam

Enrollment for the exam will open online on 12th and close on 23rd August.


The exam is divided into a written and an oral part:

Written exam - 1 hour Quiz on Moodle: 1 hour for the actual test, and the rest of the time (45 min-1 hour) is dedicated to online identity checking and the management of the exam starting and closing times, which will take place through SEB technology.

Oral exam: If you pass the written exam, you will have the oral part in the weeks after. This will be done on Google Meet, with another student and I will send you a list of time slots once the written results are out. In the oral exam you will need to discuss a topic you have prepared from the coursebook “Business Result” and be prepared to talk about another one that I choose from the same book.


You will receive instructions by email for the procedures of both the oral and the written exams, and can read more detailed information in my course page (Syllabus - Programma) and on Moodle.

If you still have to enrol in my course on Moodle, please send me an email:

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