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 Education and Qualifications


n 1967 – 1977:    Specialised English high school - Moscow, Russia

n 1978 – 1984:    Student, Moscow State University for Publishing and Press, Department of Editing and Publishing, Moscow

n 1984:               Master of Arts (MA) degree in Scientific-Popular Journalism, Moscow State University of Publishing and Press, Department of Editing and Publishing, Division of Bibliography and Editing

n 1981 – 1983:    2 year post-graduate Diploma course (Masters degree equivalent) of Specialisation in Spanish language, Ministry of Public Education, Moscow

n 1993:               Certificate of Proficiency in Italian (with the right to teach Italian as a foreign language, and to teach in Italian), Siena University for Foreigners, Italy

n 1999:     Film Scriptwriting Course (Raindance, London); Feature Film Producer Course (Hollywood Film Institute, London)

n 2011:                 Colón School for Languages, Hamburg – studying German language



Strong capabilities and experience with building relations, influencing contacts, written and oral communication in four languages, creative and analytical thinking, efficient gathering of information, planning, detail handling, decision making and a strong intuition. Excellent personal contacts in the Russian scientific community.  


Principal Professional Activity


n 1992 – up to date:               Lecturer of Russian language, culture and  intercultural communications,  University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari”, Italy. Main duties: developing and teaching of 2 to 3 new courses per year for both undergraduates and graduates in the Department of Euro-Asian Studies, Department of Slavonic Studies, Interfaculty Linguistics Centre


n 2006 – up to date:      Consultant on Contract with “Sistema-Hals”, Metrogiprotrans a major Russian infrastructure companies, for various PR activities and external relations with scientific and business institutions primarily in the UK.


n 1984 – up to date:      Freelance author for mass newsprint, lifestyle journals and newspapers in Moscow, including “Soviet Culture” (bi-weekly, circulation above 2 mln), “Science and Life” (monthly, circulation 0.5 – 0.8 mln), “Family” (weekly, circulation 0.5 mln), Novosti Press Agency, Kommersant, etc.


n 1978 – up to date:     Author and translator of scientific-popular articles from English, Italian and Spanish into Russian for widely circulated periodicals “Science and Life” (monthly circulation 0.5 – 0.8 mln), “Knowledge – Power”, “Chemistry and life”, etc.


n   2002 – 2005:             Special correspondent, “Four seasons” journal - Moscow, Russia. (Articles explaining and promoting the scientific background, manufacturing and development of luxury products; sponsored by the hotel chain “Four seasons”)


n 1995 – 1998:             Freelance PR work for Cambridge Interscience Publishers (Cambridge, UK; a Publishing House with an annual output of about 20 book titles and 6 monthly/bi-monthly scientific journals) promoting the series of translation books (Russian into English)



n 1977 – 1984:             Editor, Patent Service Publishing Division, State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries (the USSR State Patent Office), Moscow


Additional Activities- intercultural communictions 



n 1998 – 1999:             PR role introducing the DKNY brand in Russia, for the licensed importer and retailer in Moscow.



n 1994 – 1998:             Responsible for the PR campaign introducing the luxury Italian footwear brand “Immagini” to Russia and other ex-USSR countries; head of PR campaign for the Russian import-export company introducing a number of Italian bed linen brands such as Versace, Ferre and Caleffi to the Russian market.


n 1983 – 1990:             Multilingual public relations officer at various live events in Moscow (e.g. Moscow International Film Festivals, Moscow International Book Fairs, International Congresses of Trade Unions). The duties included preparation of press releases for the media, organisation of pre-show talks and presentations, acting as a presenter at premiers of films and book presentations, dealing with logistics issues etc.…