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MUSEOLOGY - [EM3A08-1] (171378): Online exams a.y. 2019-20 (June-September), EGART M.A. Program

Pubblicato il 29/06/2020

Next sessions are scheduled for 3 June 2020 at 14.00 and 3 September 2020 at 11:00.

This exam will take place online (in the usual written form) through the platform moodle. More specifically, questions and answers will be saved and sent through the option "homework" / "compito". The exam will last 110 minutes. A google meet connection shall be established during the exam through the link:

The browser Chrome and its extension google meet “grid view” (last version) can improve the quality of the connection. Non attending students are requested to inform the instructor with one week advance. 

More detailed information, the link to access our google meet virtual room and the link to start the exam by dowloading the questions can be found in the moodle pages of the course, section "Online exam". Please have a photo id ready for identification.



Ricevimento giugno - luglio

Pubblicato il 17/06/2020

A giugno il ricevimento studenti avverrà i giorni 10, 17 e 24 giugno alle 14.30. Non è necessario prenotarsi o inviare emails: gli/le interessati facciano richiesta di ingresso nella stanza virtuale e attendano di essere ammessi.

A luglio il ricevimento avverrà i giorni 3.7 e 10.7 alle ore 14.30 previa prenotazione via email.


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