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Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
2022 Articolo su rivista Fischer A.; Stocker-Waldhuber M.; Frey M.; Bohleber P. Contemporary mass balance on a cold Eastern Alpine ice cap as a potential link to the Holocene climate in SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 12, pp. 1331 (ISSN 2045-2322)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5004785
2022 Articolo su rivista Bohleber, Pascal; Stoll, Nicolas; Rittner, Martin; Roman, Marco; Weikusat, Ilka; Barbante, Carlo Geochemical Characterization of Insoluble Particle Clusters in Ice Cores Using Two‐dimensional Impurity Imaging in GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS, vol. 23 (ISSN 1525-2027)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014781
2022 Articolo su rivista Bardy-Durchhalter M.; Bender O.; Bertolotti G.; Branca D.; Braun V.; Bohleber P.; Festi D.; Fischer A.; Gschwentner A.; Hartl L.; Haller A.; Helfricht K.; Hiller C.; Heinrich K.; Janicke A.; Keiler M.; Kock G.; Kratzer A.; Lamprecht A.; Pauli H.; Polderman A.; Pfeiffer J.; Peyre F.R.; Saccone P.; Scott B.; Seiser B.; Stocker-Waldhuber M.; Zieher T. Joint Endeavor Toward Sustainable Mountain Development: Research at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in MOUNTAIN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, vol. 42, pp. 1-4 (ISSN 0276-4741)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5004783
2022 Abstract in Atti di convegno Bohleber, Pascal; Stoll, Nicolas; Delmonte, Barbara; Pelillo, Marcello; Roman, Marco; Siddiqi, Kaleem; Stenni, Barbara; Vascon, Sebastiano; Weikusat, Ilka; Barbante, Carlo Glacio-chemical signature of grain boundaries and insoluble particle aggregates in ice core 2D impurity imaging , EGU General Assembly, EGU, Convegno: EGU General Assembly 2022
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5004829
2021 Articolo su rivista Bohleber, Pascal; Roman, Marco; Barbante, Carlo; Vascon, Sebastiano; Siddiqi, Kaleem; Pelillo, Marcello Ice Core Science Meets Computer Vision: Challenges and Perspectives in FRONTIERS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, vol. 3 (ISSN 2624-9898)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3741758
2021 Articolo su rivista Bohleber, Pascal; Roman, Marco; Šala, Martin; Delmonte, Barbara; Stenni, Barbara; Barbante, Carlo Two-dimensional impurity imaging in deep Antarctic ice cores: snapshots of three climatic periods and implications for high-resolution signal interpretation in THE CRYOSPHERE, vol. 15, pp. 3523-3538 (ISSN 1994-0424)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3741759
2021 Abstract in Atti di convegno Bohleber, Pascal; Roman, Marco; Vascon, Sebastiano; Pelillo, Marcello; Barbante, Carlo Two-dimensional impurity imaging in polar ice cores sparks new demand for automated image analysis , 23rd EGU General Assembly, ADS, Convegno: 23rd EGU General Assembly
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5004828
2020 Articolo su rivista Lambrecht A.; Mayer C.; Bohleber P.; Aizen V. High altitude accumulation and preserved climate information in the western Pamir, observations from the Fedchenko Glacier accumulation basin in JOURNAL OF GLACIOLOGY, vol. 66, pp. 219-230 (ISSN 0022-1430)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3745368
2020 Articolo su rivista Pascal Bohleber; Marco Roman; Martin Šala; Carlo Barbante Imaging the impurity distribution in glacier ice cores with LA-ICP-MS in JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL ATOMIC SPECTROMETRY, vol. N/D (ISSN 0267-9477)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3730274
2020 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Schwikowski M.; Stocker-Waldhuber M.; Fang L.; Fischer A. New glacier evidence for ice-free summits during the life of the Tyrolean Iceman in SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 10, pp. 20513 (ISSN 2045-2322)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3744662
2020 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Casado M.; Ashworth K.; A. Baker C.; Belcher A.; Alicia Caccavo J.; E. Jenkins H.; Satterthwaite E.; Spolaor A.; Holly L. Winton V. Successful practice in early career networks: Insights from the polar sciences in ADVANCES IN GEOSCIENCES, vol. 53, pp. 1-14 (ISSN 1680-7340)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3726051
2020 Abstract in Atti di convegno Pascal Bohleber, Marco Roman, Carlo Barbante, Barbara Stenni,Barbara Delmonte Towards an improved understanding of high-resolution impurity signals in deep Antarctic ice cores , EGU General Assembly 2020, EGU, Convegno: EGU General Assembly 2020, 4-8 maggio 2020
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/3730270
2019 Articolo su rivista Carlo Licciulli; Pascal Bohleber; Josef Lier; Olivier Gagliardini; Martin Hoelzle; Olaf Eisen A full Stokes ice-flow model to assist the interpretation of millennial-scale ice cores at the high-Alpine drilling site Colle Gnifetti, Swiss/Italian Alps in JOURNAL OF GLACIOLOGY, vol. 66, pp. 35-48 (ISSN 0022-1430)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3745370
2019 Articolo su rivista Bohleber, Pascal Alpine Ice Cores as Climate and Environmental Archives in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science, vol. N/D
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3725966
2019 Articolo su rivista Feng Z.; Bohleber P.; Ebser S.; Ringena L.; Schmidt M.; Kersting A.; Hopkins P.; Hoffmann H.; Fischer A.; Aeschbach W.; Oberthaler M.K. Dating glacier ice of the last millennium by quantum technology in PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, vol. 116, pp. 8781-8786 (ISSN 0027-8424)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014704
2018 Articolo su rivista Hoffmann H; Preunkert S; Legrand M; Leinfelder D; Bohleber P; Friedrich R; Wagenbach D A NEW SAMPLE PREPARATION SYSTEM FOR MICRO-C-14 DATING OF GLACIER ICE WITH A FIRST APPLICATION TO A HIGH ALPINE ICE CORE FROM COLLE GNIFETTI (SWITZERLAND) in RADIOCARBON, vol. 60, pp. 517-533 (ISSN 0033-8222)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014731
2018 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Hoffmann H.; Kerch J.; Sold L.; Fischer A. Investigating cold based summit glaciers through direct access to the glacier base: A case study constraining the maximum age of Chli Titlis glacier, Switzerland in THE CRYOSPHERE, vol. 12, pp. 401-412 (ISSN 1994-0416)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014725
2018 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Erhardt T.; Spaulding N.; Hoffmann H.; Fischer H.; Mayewski P. Temperature and mineral dust variability recorded in two low-accumulation Alpine ice cores over the last millennium in CLIMATE OF THE PAST, vol. 14, pp. 21-37 (ISSN 1814-9324)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014724
2018 Articolo su rivista More AF; Spaulding NE; Bohleber P; Handley MJ; Hoffmann H; Korotkikh EV; Kurbatov AV; Loveluck CP; Sneed SB; McCormick M; Mayewski PA The Role of Historical Context in Understanding Past Climate, Pollution and Health Data in Trans-disciplinary Studies: Reply to Comments on More et al., 2017 in GEOHEALTH, vol. 2, pp. 162-170 (ISSN 2471-1403)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014728
2017 Articolo su rivista Nicole E Spaulding, Sharon B Sneed, Michael J Handley, Pascal Bohleber, Andrei V Kurbatov, Nicholas J Pearce, Tobias Erhardt, Paul A Mayewski A New Multielement Method for LA-ICP-MS Data Acquisition from Glacier Ice Cores in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, vol. 51, pp. 13282-13287 (ISSN 0013-936X)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014727
2017 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Sold L.; Hardy D.R.; Schwikowski M.; Klenk P.; Fischer A.; Sirguey P.; Cullen N.J.; Potocki M.; Hoffmann H.; Mayewski P. Ground-penetrating radar reveals ice thickness and undisturbed englacial layers at Kilimanjaro's Northern Ice Field in THE CRYOSPHERE, vol. 11, pp. 469-482 (ISSN 1994-0416)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014703
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DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014701
2017 Articolo su rivista Luongo M.T.; Kurbatov A.V.; Erhardt T.; Mayewski P.A.; McCormick M.; More A.F.; Spaulding N.E.; Wheatley S.D.; Yates M.G.; Bohleber P. Possible Icelandic Tephra Found in European Colle Gnifetti Glacier in GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS, vol. 18, pp. 3904-3909 (ISSN 1525-2027)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014702
2016 Articolo su rivista Zipf L; Merchel S; Bohleber P; Rugel G; Scharf A Exploring ice core drilling chips from a cold Alpine glacier for cosmogenic radionuclide (Be-10) analysis in RESULTS IN PHYSICS, vol. 6, pp. 78-79 (ISSN 2211-3797)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014732
2016 Articolo su rivista Skylar A Haines, Paul A Mayewski, Andrei V Kurbatov, Kirk A Maasch, Sharon B Sneed, Nicole E Spaulding, Daniel A Dixon, Pascal Bohleber Ultra-high resolution snapshots of three multi-decadal periods in an Antarctic ice core in JOURNAL OF GLACIOLOGY, vol. 62, pp. 31-36 (ISSN 0022-1430)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014730
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DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014705
2014 Articolo su rivista Diez A.; Eisen O.; Weikusat I.; Eichler J.; Hofstede C.; Bohleber P.; Bohlen T.; Polom U. Influence of ice crystal anisotropy on seismic velocity analysis in ANNALS OF GLACIOLOGY, vol. 55, pp. 97-106 (ISSN 0260-3055)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014707
2013 Articolo su rivista Konrad H.; Bohleber P.; Wagenbach D.; Vincent C.; Eisen O. Determining the age distribution of Colle Gnifetti, Monte Rosa, Swiss Alps, by combining ice cores, ground-penetrating radar and a simple flow model in JOURNAL OF GLACIOLOGY, vol. 59, pp. 179-189 (ISSN 0022-1430)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014729
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2013 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Wagenbach D.; Schoner W.; Bohm R. To what extent do water isotope records from low accumulation Alpine ice cores reproduce instrumental temperature series? in TELLUS. SERIES B, CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL METEOROLOGY, vol. 65, pp. 1-17 (ISSN 0280-6509)
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2012 Articolo su rivista Wagenbach D.; Bohleber P.; Preunkert S. Cold, alpine ice bodies revisited: What may we learn from their impurity and isotope content? in GEOGRAFISKA ANNALER. SERIES A, PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, vol. 94, pp. 245-263 (ISSN 0435-3676)
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2012 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Wagner N.; Eisen O. Permittivity of ice at radio frequencies: Part I. Coaxial transmission line cell in COLD REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 82, pp. 56-67 (ISSN 0165-232X)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014722
2012 Articolo su rivista Bohleber P.; Wagner N.; Eisen O. Permittivity of ice at radio frequencies: Part II. Artificial and natural polycrystalline ice in COLD REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 83-84, pp. 13-19 (ISSN 0165-232X)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5014726