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Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati
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Current Position

ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain). 

Part-time Professor, University Ca' Foscari, Venice (Italy). 

Other Positions held

2007+ University of Nantes (France). Full Professor.  Chair of Developmental Psychology.

2007-8 University of Verona (Italy), Doctoral School in Sport Medicine: Invited Professor. 

2001-7 SISSA, Trieste (Italy): Associate Professor. 

2006 University of Udine, Department of Medicine, Invited Professor (June).

2005 University of Palma, Spain, Invited Associate Professor (May, June). 

96-07 University of Paris VIII, Paris (France). Maitre de Conference 1st Class (Tenured Associate Professor, advanced class). Chair of General Psychology.

2000 SISSA, Trieste (Italy): Invited Professor (April, June).

97-98 New York University, Psychology Department. Visiting Assistant Professor.

94-96 CNRS  (National Research Council), Laboratoire des Science Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Paris (France). Marie Curie Fellow.

1995 Cognitive Science Program University of Budapest, Hungary, Visiting Professor (Fall Semester)

93-94 Dipartimento di Scienze Cognitive, Ospedale S. Raffaele, Milano (Italy). Associate Researcher.

92-94 Ministero della Ricerca e dell'Università (Italy), Research Abroad Fellow.

91-92 Rutgers University, Philosophy Department:  Teaching Assistant with full class responsibilities (Logic 200, Hume and Kant 300, Introduction to Philosophy  100)

89-90 Rutgers University, Research Fellowship

87-89 Rutgers University: Teaching Assistant with full class responsibility

1986 Civico Liceo Scientifico, Milano (Italy). History and Philosophy teacher.

Personal Fellowships and Professional Recognitions

2012 Best Published Research of the Year by the Organization of Human Brain Mapping published in NeuroImage for Reverberi et al. (2012)

2012 Selected among the Top 8 best investigations conducted in Spain by La Vanguardia (Premio Vanguardia de la Ciencia)

2011 Ranked as #40 in the Top 100 Scientific Stories of the Year by Discover Magazine

1994-5 EEC Marie Curie Research Individual Fellowship

1990-3 Ministero della Ricerca e Università  Italy, "Borsa per studio e perfezionamento all’estero"

1990-91 Rutgers University Teaching Assistantship

1989 Rutgers University Graduate Fellowship

1987-88 Rutgers University Graduate Award and Teaching Assistantship 

Contributions to Refereed Journals and Grant Agencies

1998-02 Cognition, Editorial Board Member.

1996+ Guest Referee for Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Developmental Science, Cognition, Psychological Review, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Science,  Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Development, Thinking and Reasoning, Infancy, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Brain and Behavior, International Journal of Behavioral Development, Journal of Memory and Language, Philosophical Psychology, Language Learning & Development, Wires Cognitive Science, Journal of Neurolinguistics, PLOS One.

2000 Referee for the quality Committee of the  École Normale, Paris.

2003+ Guest Referee for projects presented to the National Science Foundation

2006+ Guest Referee for the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)

2007 Panel Member, European Research Council Ideas Work Programme

2009 Panel Member, Regione Piemonte Human Sciences Grant Committee.

2010+ Guest Referee for the Spanish ANEP (National Evaluation and Foresight Agency)

2016 Guest Referee for the Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación, Uruguay 

2016 Guest Expert for the MacArthur Fellows Program, U.S.

2017 Guest Expert for the Regione Piedmont funding projects, Italy

Teaching Experience

25 years of teaching at the undergraduate, master and graduate level in the U.S., Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Hungary, on several topics in psychology and philosophy (Early Infant Cognition, Psychology of Language; Introduction to Cognitive Science; Advanced topics in Cognitive Science; Thinking and Reasoning; The Psychology of Deduction; Infant Cognition; Introduction  to Logic; Introduction to Philosophy; Hume and Kant).

Other professional experiences

2018 Jury Member for Researcher Positions, Universty of Trento, Italy

2017 Rapporteur for the position of Full Professor, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France. Jury member.

2017 Expert evaluator of research projects for the Piedmont region, Italy

2015-6 Member of Professor Position Jurys, Università Milano Bicocca, Italy

2014 ISOLDE Summer School, University of Potsdam, July 7-14: Faculty Member

2012 University of Utrecht, LOT Summer School, Faculty Member

2015-17 Latin American School of Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences (funded by James S. McDonnell Foundation). Faculty Member.

2013 Member of Researcher Position Jury, Universty of Trento, Italy

2010 Member of the Committee for Full and Associate Professorship contests at the University of Paris 8, France.

2002+ American Psychological Society, Invited Member.

1995+ Behavioral and Brain Science Associate

1988-90 Garzanti Editore Publisher, Milan (Italy), Translator and Consultant

1985-7 Montedison, Progetto Cultura, Milan. Author and Consultant

1983 A. Mondadori Publisher, Milan, Italy, Translator and Consultant

1982 F. Muzzio Publisher, Milan, Italy: Translator

Papers submitted and in preparation

(* Principal Investigator)

Ferres-Forga, Bonatti & Halberda, Improving children's mathematical abilities through approximate number system training Under second revision, Journal of Mathematical Education. Under second revision

Ferres-Forga,  Halberda & Bonatti, Improving children's mathematical abilities by training symbol-to meaning relations: results and implications. Under revision.

Galusca, C, Vitale, A. & Bonatti, L. L. * Ostensive cues and learning mechanism: The effect of eye contact on the retention of information. Under revision 

Galusca, C. Guida-Forneas. M.,  Ibanez-Lillo, A &. Bonatti, L.L * Ostensive cues and learning mechanism: The effect of eye contact on the retention of information.Under revision.

Galusca,C. &. Bonatti, L.L * The role of ostensive signals in the acquisition of linguistic information.Under revision.

Galusca,C. Papeo, L &. Bonatti, L.L * The effect of ostensive communication on action pattern acquisition. In Preparation.

Levillain, F., & Bonatti,* Misperceptions of motion in a situation of partial occlusion. In preparation

Pi Casaus, Werker, Sebastián-Gallés & Bonatti,L.L.* Phonological Convergence in Bilinguals and Monolinguals: How experience modifies and does not modify perceptual narrowing. In preparation

Grabolosa, I. Endress, A.E., & Bonatti, L.L. *, Not all generalization are born equal. In preparation

Published Papers

(* Principal Investigator)

Articles on High Impact peer-reviewed journals 

Cesana-Arlotti N*., Martín  A.*, Vorobyova L., Cetnarski R., Téglás E. & Bonatti, L.L.* (2018). Precursors of logical reasoning in human infants, Science, 359(6381), 1263-1266.

Endress, A. D., Korjoukov, I., & Bonatti, L. L. (2017). Category-based grouping in working memory and multiple object tracking. Visual Cognition, 1-20.

Téglás, E., & Bonatti, L. L.* (2016). Infants anticipate probabilistic but not deterministic outcomes. Cognition, 157, 227-236.

Endress, A., & Bonatti, L. L. (2016). Words, rules, and mechanisms of language acquisition, WIREs Cognitive Science, 7:19–35..

Bonatti, L.L.,* Cherubini, P., & Reverberi, C.(2015). Nothing new under the sun, or the moon, or both. Front. Hum. Neurosci., 9: 1-4

Téglás, E., Ibanez-Lillo, A., Costa, A., & Bonatti, L. L.* (2015). Numerical representations and intuitions of probabilities at 12 months. Developmental Science, 18(2), 183-193.

Marchetto, E., & Bonatti, L. L*. (2014). Finding words and word structure in artificial speech: the development of infants' sensitivity to morphosyntactic regularities. Journal of Child Language, 1-30.

Marchetto, E. & Bonatti, L.L.* (2013). Words and possible words in early language acquisition. Cognitive Psychology, 67(3), 130-150.

Cesana-Arlotti, N., Téglás, E., & Bonatti, L. L.* (2012). The Probable and the Possible at 12 Months: Intuitive Reasoning about the Uncertain Future. Advances in child development and behavior, 43, 1-25.

Reverberi, C., Bonatti, L. L., Frackowiak, R. S., Paulesu, E., Cherubini, P., & Macaluso, E. (2012). Large scale brain activations predict reasoning profiles. Neuroimage, 59(2), 1752-1764.

Téglás, E., Vul, E., Girotto, V., Gonzalez, M., Tenenbaum, J. B.*, & Bonatti, L. L.* (2011). Pure reasoning in 12-month-old infants as probabilistic inference. Science, 332(6033), 1054-1058. 

Levillain, F., & Bonatti, L. L.* (2011). A dissociation between judged causality and imagined locations in simple dynamic scenes. Psychological Science, 22(5), 674-681.

Reverberi,C., Shallice, T., Skrap, M., D'Agostini, S. & Bonatti, L.L. (2009) Cortical Basis of Elementary deductive reasoning. Neuropsychologia, 47, 4,1107-1116.

Toro, J. Nespor, M, Mehler, J. & Bonatti, L.* (2008) Finding words and rules in a speech stream, Psychological Science,19(2), 137-144 

Teglas, E.  Girotto, V., Gonzalez, M. & Bonatti, L.L.* (2007). Intuitions of probabilities shape expectations about the future at 12 months and beyond.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 104: 19156-19159.

Bonatti, L.L.*, Pena, M., L. L., Nespor, M., & Mehler, J. (2007) On consonants, vowels, chickens and eggs. Psychological Science, 18(10), 924-5.

Endress, A, & Bonatti, L.L. (2007) Rapid learning of syllable classes from a perceptually continuous speech stream. Cognition, 105 (2), 247-299.

Mehler, J., Bonatti, L. L., Peña, M., & Nespor, M.   (2006) The Soul of Language does not Use Statistics, Cortex, 42, 846-854

Bonatti, L.L.*, Pena, M., L. L., Nespor, M., & Mehler, J. (2006) Generalization, segmentation and language learning : How to hit Scylla without  avoiding Charybdis. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Vol. 135, No. 2, 314 –321.

Bonatti, L.L.*, Pena, M., L. L., Nespor, M., & Mehler, J (2005). Linguistic constraints on statistical computations. The role of consonants and vowels in continuous speech processing, Psychological Science, 16 (6) 451-9.

Bonatti, L.L.*, Frot, E. & Mehler, J. (2005). What face inversion does to infants' counting abilities. Psychological Science, 16(7),506-11.

Pena, M., Bonatti, L. L., Nespor, M., & Mehler, J. (2002). Signal-driven computations in speech processing. Science, 298(5593), 604-607

Bonatti, L.L.*, Frot, E., Zangl, R., & Mehler, J. (2002). The human first hypothesis: Identification of conspecifics and individuation of objects in the young infant. Cognitive Psychology, 44(4), 388-426.

Bonatti L.L.* (1997). How far beyond modularity? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20(2) 351-353.   

Bonatti L.L.* (1996). SHRUTI's ontology is representational. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19(2) 326-328.

Bonatti, L.L.* (1998), Review of N. Smith and I-M Tsimpli, "The Mind of a Savant", Journal of Linguistics, March, 271-280.

Bonatti L.L.* (1994). Why should we abandon the mental logic hypothesis? Cognition 50(1-3) 17-39.   

Bonatti L.L.* (1994). Propositional reasoning by model? Psychological Review 101(4) 725-733  

Other articles on peer-reviewed journals

O'Brien, D. P., & Bonatti, L.L.* (1999). The semantics of logical connectives and mental logic. Current Psychology of Cognition, 18(1), 87-97.

Bonatti L.L. * (1991). Il linguaggio del pensiero. Linea d'Ombra, pp. 79-84

Bonatti L.L.* (1988). Senses and non-senses, Teoria, pp. 35-68

Book chapters

Bonatti L.L.* (2008) On Pigeons, Humans, Language and the Mind, in P. Carruthers, S. Laurence & S.Stich (eds.), The Innate Mind: Foundations and Future, Oxford University Press,2008 , pp. 216-231.

Bonatti L.L..* (2002). Raisonnement predicatif. In G. Politzer (Ed.) Traité de Sciences Cognitives: Le Raisonnement. Paris: Hermès. 

Bonatti L.L.* (2001). Representations Psychological Reality and Beyond. In E. Dupoux (Ed.) Language Brain and Cognitive Development (pp. 41-46). Cambridge: MIT Press. 

Bonatti L.L.* (1998). Why it took so long to bake the mental-logic cake: Historical analysis of the recipe and its ingredients. In M. D. S. Braine & D. P. O'Brien (Eds.) Mental logic (pp. 7-22). Mahwah NJ USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. Publishers.

Bonatti L.L.* (1998). What the mental logic-mental models controversy is not about. In M. D. S. Braine & D. P. O'Brien (Eds.) Mental logic (pp. 435-445). Mahwah NJ USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. Publishers.

Bonatti L.L.* (1998). Possibilities and real possibilities for a theory of reasoning. In Z. Pylyshyn (Ed.) Essays on Representations (pp. 85-119): Ablex.  

Bonatti L.L.* (1995). Why should we abandon the mental logic hypothesis? In J. Mehler & S. Franck (Eds.) Cognition on cognition. (pp. 109-131). Cambridge MA USA: The Mit Press. 

Bonatti L.L.* (1991) Introduzione a W.V. Quine, Quidditates Garzanti (pp. 1-45).

Bonatti L.L.* (1990). Verso una comunità filosofica. in Alferj, P. e Pilati, A. (Eds.), Conoscenza e complessità, Teoria, Roma, pp. 167-207

Editorial works and Translations

E. Dupoux (Ed.) Language Brain and Cognitive Development. Cambridge: MIT Press. Reasoning and Thinking section Editor.

J. Fodor, La mente non funziona così. Roma-Bari, Laterza 2001. Editor.

W.V. Quine, Quidditates Garzanti 1991 Editor and translator.

M. Kline, Matematica: la perdita della certezza,  OUP-Mondadori 1984 (Editor and translator)


L. Bonatti (2006), Elements d'une langage de la pensée, Dissertation for the qualification to the title of Full Professor, University of Paris VIII.

L. Bonatti (1993), Psychophilosophical issues on Reasoning. Rutgers University, Ph.D. Thesis

L. Bonatti (1986) Intuizionismo, teoria del significato, costruttivismo. Philosophy Department, University of Milan, "Laurea" Dissertation.

Technical Documentation

L. Bonatti, L. Fillippin & G.Papp, The PsyScope TobiiPlus Manual. Available at

L. L. Bonatti & L. Filippin (2007), The PsyScope USB Bbox module: a Software manual. Available at

J. Gervain, L. Bonatti, &  L. Filippin (2009): The PsyCode Software Manual. Available at

Posters in peer-reviewed conferences

I have never presented a poster, but my students and collaborators have. They have been accepted at many major professional conferences, where they have also received awards. I do not keep track of posters.

Theses Supervision

Currently supervised Ph.D. Theses:

A. Martin Salguero, The Psychology of Logical Reasoning: Behavioral and neuropsychological evidence

I. Grabolosa, Non-Standard Basic Logical Operations in infants' reasoning

K. Bohus, Computational Explorations into Early Logical Reasoning

Completed Ph.D. Theses

2019 Jan. 15.  Universitat Pompeu Fabra. C. Galusca, Cultural Animals: The role of ostensive cues in the acquisition of knowledge. Thesis qualified EXCELLENT cum laude.

2017 Jan 12: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. N. Ferres Forga, Improving mathematical abilities by training numerical representations in children: the relation between learning mathematics and numerical cognition. 

2017 Feb 14: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Alexandra Ibanez-Lillo, Labeling, Word Mapping and Categorization in Monolingual and Bilingual Infants.

2016, Jan 15: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Nicolò Cesana-Arlotti, The Origin of Logical Concepts. Thesis qualified EXCELLENT cum laude.

2016, Jan 15: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Gisela Pi-Casaus, The role of experience in perceptual reorganization. The case of bilingual infants. Thesis qualified EXCELLENT cum laude.

2010, Jan 13: Sissa/Isas. Ernö Teglas, From logic to probability: An investigation into the origins of probabilistic reasoning. Sissa/Isas, Trieste

2009, Dec: Sissa/Isas. Erika Marchetto Discovering words and rules from artificial speech streams: An investigation into early morphosyntactic acquisition mechanisms. Sissa/Isas, Trieste,

2008, Dec: Université de Paris 8. Florent Levillain,  "Poursuivre des chimères : Limitations de l’imagerie dynamique. Université de Paris 8. These granted "Mention très honorable avec félicitations".

Completed Master Theses 

2018 M. McGuill, Exploring the Underlying Representations of Infant Cognition using Connectionist Networks Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2017 D. Leon, The acquisition of negation in Spanish. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2016 Irene Canudas Grabolosa, The acquisition of morphosyntactic dependencies,  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2016 Martín Guida Fornea, On Fast mapping in infants and the role of the ostensive cues,  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2015 Kinga Anna Bohus, Disjunctive Syllogism in Infants: a Multimodal Study.  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2015 Ryszard Cetnarski, Eye tracking measure for inferential processes in adults.  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2015 Pedro Tiago da Silva Gonçalves Martins, Generalizing rules over clicks.  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2014 Elizabeta Vorobyova, Disjunctive Reasoning in 12-Month-Old Infants Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona ES.

2014 Katya Mehta, Demystificating Neomotisization: Parasynthetic Word Formation By English- And Spanish-Speaking Adults. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

2013 Núria Ferres-Forga, Word Learning and Disjunctive Reasoning, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES. 

2010 Gisela Pi Casaus, Phonological convergence of consonants in bilinguals: A preliminary study Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ES.

20́02 Florent Levillain Contraintes sur la perception du mouvement, Université de Paris 8

2001 Sonia Abbes, Humain et objet chez l'enfant de 5 mois. Université de Paris 8

2000 Emmanuel Frot Catégories naturelles chez le jeun enfant. Université de Paris 8

BA Theses (laurea)

2009 Francesca Gandolfo, Early Language Acquisition and Cognition: Methods and Results. University of Venice, Italy; Co-supervisor

2002 Eva Viti, Il Ragionamento Deduttivo Naturale, Université de Trieste, Italy.

2001 Florent Levillain, La perception de la Causalité. Université de Paris 8.

1997 Emmanuel Frot, Le concept d'objet chez le bébé de dix mois. Université de Paris 8.

Participation to Ph. D. Jurys

2002+ Jury member in several Dissertation Committees at Sissa/ISAS, Trieste, Italy (Cristina Rosazza, 2005; Anna Montagnini, 2004; Alessia Tessari, 2004; Andrea Dalla Chiesa, 2003; Elisa Margotti, 2002)

2010+ Dissertation Committee Jury member at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (Barbara Albareda, 2010)

2012 Dissertation Committee Jury Member at the Universitat de Barcelona (David Lobina, June 2012)

2012 Dissertation Committee Jury Member at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Natalie Boll-Avetisyan, April 2012)

2013 Dissertation Committee Jury President at the University of Barcelona, (Diana Lopez-Barroso, November 2013)

2014 Dissertation Committee External Expert, University of Venice, Italy. (Patrizia Tortella, November 2014)

2015 Dissertation Committee, Vocal Member at the University of Barcelona, (Eric Johnson, July 9 2015)

2016 Dissertation Committee member, Universitad Pontificia de Chile, Santiago (Cristina Jara).

2016 Dissertation "Rapporteur" and  Committee member, Université Sorbonne. Paris (Claire Kabdebon).

2019 Dissertation Committee member, Universitad Pontificia de Chile, Santiago (Cristina Jara)

Participation to Jurys for the attribution of permanent positions in Universities

University of Paris VIII, France -- Jury member for the attribution of Full Professor Positions

CNRS and University Marie Curie, Paris, France -- "Rapporteur" for the "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches", (V. Izard, May 2018)

Università Milano Bicocca -- Jury member for the attribution of an Assistant Professor position (Associato)

Università di Trento -- Jury member for the attribution of Researcher positions (Ricercatore)

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD -- External Expert for the attribution of a Full Professor Position

Other scientific responsibilities

Scientific Software Development

PsyScope X Project Co-ordinator--  Project coordinator of a network of  40 Universities and  500 testers, to develop a free GNU software for designing experiments and handling external devices (FMRI, Eye Tracker, ERPs, response boxes). See
Author of programs of  data analysis for infant experiments.

Organization of congresses and International seminars

2018 Conceptual Primitives of Quantification. McDonnell Foundation Grant Plenary Meeting, Barcelona, Jul 11-12. Co-Organizer (with S. Carey and P. Pietroski)

2018 Investigations into non-standard Logical Primitives. McDonnell Foundation Grant Restricted Seminar, Barcelona, Jul 13-14.Organizer

2017 McDonnell Foundation Grant Plenary Meeting, San Diego, June. Co-Organizer (with S. Carey)

2017 McDonnell Foundation Grant Focused Seminar on Logical Thinking, Budapest, Co-Organizer (with S.Carey)

2015 McDonnell Workshop on the Origin of Combinatorial Thought , Boston, May 1-3: Co-organizer (with Susan Carey)

2014 ICREA Conference on Baby Logic and Related topics, Barcelona, Sept 14-16: Organizer

2010-12: Brainglot Seminar Series organizer (UPF, Barcelona)

1997: 5-9 Sept. Conférence "Cognitive Growth and Development", SISSA, Trieste. (with S. Carey et J. Mehler)

Expert for international meetings

2005: Guest referee pour COGSCI2005- Stresa, Italie


Master in Brain and Cognition, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2012-16: Responsible for setting up the Master and preparing the Master proposal. Organizer and coordinator. The Master is currently the second most successful Master at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (>120 applications for 20 places)

Participation to funded projects

2019-20  McDonnell Foundation Network Research, Research Seed Funds (PI. 20,000 $).

2018-20  Generalitat de Catalunya, Suport a les activitats dels Grups de Recerca (SGR 2017). Role: Participating Researcher. Funds allocated: 15.298 €. (PI: A. Costa. Total grant: 61.192 €).

2017-19 MINECO Grant, "Razonamiento Logico Natural: Mecanismos, Interacciones Y Errores" (PSI2016-75910-P) Role: Principal Investigator (112.530 €).

2016-20 McDonnell Foundation Network Grant, "Origins of abstract Combinatorial Thought". Role: European PI (US main PI: Susan Carey, Harvard University). (Total grant: 2,000.000 USD) 

2015-20 Horizon 2020. Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action: Innovative Training Networks (ITN) Understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders in multilingual Europe (PREDICTABLE). Role: Participating researcher (PI: Barbara Höele, University of Potzdam). Funds handled by UPF: 743.619 €. Total project: 3,848,640 €.

2014-15 European Commission "Study on the impact of marketing through social media, online games and mobile applications on children's behaviour (EAHC/FWC/2013 85 08)", Role: Associate Investigator (PI: C. Codagnone) Funds handled by UPF: 65,000. Total project:600.000 €)

2012-14 Information transmission in language: do infants perceive communicative intent? European Commission 7th Framework Programme. Marie Curie Program. Principal Investigator (Fellow: A. Endress). (226.548 €)

2014 ICREA Conference Award, Principal Investigator.  (20,000 €)

2013-15 Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN),  El origen de la racionalidad: representaciones logicas en la mente infantil (PSI2012-31961). Role: Principal Investigator. (128.700 €)

2010-13 Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN), El origen de la probabilidad y de la lógica a principios de la cognición, PSI2009-08232. Role: Principal Investigator. (170.610 €)

2008-11 Région Pays de la Loire (France), Paris Scientifiques, Projet LABOBEBE. Role: PI. (I turned down the  grant due to my decision to leave Nantes) (300,000 €)

2008-15 Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, "PsyScope XL: A novel software for designing experiments".   Role: Principal Investigator. (595.699 €).

2005-8 EU CALACEI Grant, Associate Researcher (Principal Investigator: J. Mehler)

2006 Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia"Creazione di software sperimentale e integrazione con dispositivi di neuroimmagine".  Role: Principal Investigator. (80,000 €)

2003-6 Minstero della Ricerca, FIRB (61,000 €). Role: Associate researcher. (PI: M. Nespor)

2002-5 PsyScope X Project (60,000 €)  Role: Principal Investigator and coordinator.

2002-4 Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, (25,000 €) Project "Identificazione dell'oggetto e identificazione della specie nel bambino" Role: Principal Investigator

2002-4  HFSP "Processing consequences of contrasting language phonologies" (108,000 €) Role: Associate researcher. (PI: J. Mehler)

Selected Invited Conferences


Jan 25 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Psicología, Santiago.  Invited Speaker

Feb 4 Collège de France, Paris. Invited Speaker


Jan 25, University of Maryland (MD), Cognitive Science Colloquium -- Invited Speaker. "Precursors of logical reasoning in preverbal infants"

May 3, Université Marie Curie, Workshop on Numerical Cognition -- Invited Speaker

June 9-11 McDonnell Foundation Grant Plenary Workshop on The Logic of Quantification. Co-Organizer and speaker


Jan 10-11 McDonnell Foundation Grant Focused Seminar on Logical Thinking, Budapest, Jan 2017. Co-Organizer and speaker

Jan 26  DTIC Integrative Research Seminars, Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Invited speaker

Mar 18 University of Verona, Italy Master in Early Infancy, Invited speaker

May 3 University of Bristol, Psychology Department. Invited speaker

June 11-14 McDonnell Foundation Grant Plenary Conference, San Diego, June 2017. Co-organizer and discussant

Sept 8 Universitá di Venezia Ca' Foscari, Venice, Linguistic Department. Invited speaker.


Dec 14 On the Origin of Rationality, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris.

Dec. 3 La razionalità tra psicologia, filosofia e scienze sociali: prospettive a confronto, Università di Milano Bicocca, Italy, Invited Speaker.

Nov 16 Seminario in onore di Andrea Bonomi. University of Milan, Italy: Invited Panelist 

Aug 25 Behavioral Markers of Logical Inference, Lancaster Conference on Infant and Child Development, Lancaster, UK, Keynote Speaker.

Jul 27 Precursors of logical reasoning in prelinguistic infants, The Meeting in Memory of Vittorio Girotto, London, UK. Invited Speaker.

Apr 20 Methods for studying Logic in Infants, Workshop: PERCEPTION AND ACQUISITION OF LANGUAGE, Trieste, Italy. Invited Speaker.

Feb. 24  "Come pensa un infante": Casa degli Italiani, Barcellona. Conferenza inaugurale per la Associazione de Ricercatori Italiani in Spagna, Keynote Speaker.

Jan. 17  "Ragionamento e logica": Università di Torino, Italy, Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition, Invited Speaker.


Dec. 17 "Questa o quella per me pari sono": disjunctive representations in an infant mind. Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit, Dept. Psicologia Bàsica, Universitat de Barcelona, Campus Bellvitge, Invited Speaker.

Nov 16 Methods for studying infants' cognition: the case of logical  reasoning. Max-Planck-Institut für empirische Ästhetik Inauguration Conference, Frankfurt (DE)., Invited Speaker 

Oct 29 RICO and Reasoning. University of Barcelona, Biolinguistics Initiatives Barcelona. Invited Speaker.

May 4 The Origins of Thought: Early Cognitive Abilities. University of the Basque Countries, Vitoria-Gasteiz. Invited Speaker.

May 1 Infant Baby Logic, Harvard University. Invited Speaker and Conference Organizer.

April 30 On the origin of Reasoning, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Department of Psychology, Invited Speaker.

April 21 Bridging Neural Mechanisms and Cognition, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, The Brain Conferences, Rungstedgaard invited speaker.

March 27 University of Verona, Italy, Seminar on Cognition and Physical Activity, Master in Early Infancy, Invited Speaker.


Oct 2 Giudizio e Decisione, University IUAV of Venice, Venice. Invited Speaker

May 23 DUCOG VI Conference, Dubrovnick, Croatia. Keynote Speaker

Jan. 13 On the Origin of Rationality.  Johns Hopkins University, Science of Learning Center Inauguration Symposium. Keynote Speaker

Jan. 8 Language and Language development.  Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development. Budapest. Hungary. Panel Speaker


Oct. 31 Society for Language Development, Annual Symposium, Boston: Keynote Speaker

Oct. 30 On the brain representation of Logical Reasoning, Harvard University, Cambridge, Ma, Laboratory for Developmental Studies.

Mar 13 Logical processes in an infant mind.  LA School for Education, Comandatuba, Brazil. Invited talk.

Jul 4 Reasoning and probability. CNRS GDR Annual Meeting, Paris, France Keynote Speaker.


Jan 13 Logic and Reasoning at 12 months.  Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development. Budapest. Hungary. Invited talk.

Jan 21 Logic in an infant mind. University of Barcelona, Faculty of Philosophy. Barcelona. Spain. Invited Talk

March 25: What is Cognitive Psychology?  Programa Joves i Ciència of CatalunyaCaixa, Casa Pedrera, Barcelona. Invited talk

Apr 15 DIPSCO, S Raffaele,Milan, Italy:  Rappresentazioni interne di processi dinamici nel bambino e nell'adulto. Invited Speaker

Apr 23 University of Utrecht, The Netherlands:  What is a word? Invited Speaker

Sept 18 Sissa/ISAS, Trieste, Italy: Cognitive Modules & Interfaces Conference in honor of Noam Chomsky. Invited Speaker 

Oct.3 ICREA International Conference on Biolinguistics, Barcelona, Spain. Invited Speaker.

Nov. 13 Lancaster University & Liverpool University, UK, MersleyLune Seminar on Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. Invited Speaker.


Jun 13 Infants' Early Rationality. III Joint Workshop Rutgers-Siena. Siena. Italy. Invited talk.

May 5 Cognition and motor development. Faculty of Motor Sciences. Verona. Italy. Invited talk.

Mar 7-20  San Pedro De Atacama, The Latin American School For Education, Cognitive And Neural Sciences. James S. Mcdonnell Foundation / Universidad De Chile. Invited Speaker and Faculty Member.


5 Feb University of Utrecht, Holland, EMLAR VI. Invited Speaker

11 Feb University of Milan, Italy, Philosophy Department. Invited Speaker.

11-15 Mar International Conference of Infant Studies, Baltimore, MA. Invited Panel Speaker. Poster Presenter.

17 Apr University of Verona, Italy. Department of Motor Sciences. Invited speaker: Cognition and Motricity.

11-15 Aug Cogsci 2010 (Cognitive Science Society Annual Meeting, Portland, Ore.): Invited Panel Speaker. Poster Presenter.

 13-15 Dec McDonnell Workshop on Infant Methods, Barcelona: Invited Speaker.


6  Feb Institute for Research in Cognitive Science,University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Infants' intuitions of Probability. Invited Lecture.

9 Feb MIT, Boston, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Predicting the future without knowing the past: Infants' sensitivity to probabilities and statistical distributions. Invited Lecture 

28 Feb University of Paris 6, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception. Predicting the future without knowing the past: Infants' sensitivity to probabilities and statistical distributions. Invited Lecture

29 Feb Ecole Nationale Superieure, LSCP. Invited Lecturer.

14 May University of Caen, France, Laboratoire MODESCO. Invited Speaker.

16 May University of Verona, Italy, Seminar on Cognition and Motricity. Invited Speaker.

25-29 May  Banff International Research Station, Calgary, Canada. Workshop on "Probabilistic Models of Cognitive Development". Invited Speaker.


14 March University of Sheffield, Infants' intuitions of Probability. Invited Department Lecture

25 March University of British Columbia at Vancouver, CA: On the limits of dynamical imagination, Invited Department Lecture

28 March International Conference of Infant Studies (ICIS) Vancouver, CA:, Invited Official Speaker

6 April Stanford University, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Invited Official Speaker.


5-7 Sept NSF Workshop on “Opportunities and Challenges for Language Learning and Education, Washington DC. Invited Speaker.

12 Jan AHRC Culture and the Mind project workshop, Lisbon. Invited Discussant.

6 Feb Rutgers University, RUCCS Colloquia, Invited Speaker

19 Feb Citta di Vimercate, Ai confini della Scienza. Invited Speaker.


16 Jan University of Milan Bicocca, Italy. Departmental Speaker.

4 May University of Vercelli, Italy. Meeting on Conditionals. Conditionals, Mental Logic and Mental Models

18 May University of Trieste, Italy. Workshop on Cognitive Science and Language. Language learning mechanisms in infants and adults

11 Sep SISSA/ISAS, International Meeting on Vowels and Consonants, On the different information carried by vowels and consonants.

7 Nov Rutgers University, RUCCS Colloquia, Invited speaker..

9 Nov CUNY, Object Meeting. Invited Speaker

10 Nov NYU Infant Laboratory, New York. Invited Speaker.

13 Nov Yale University Departmental Colloquia.


3 Feb London Meeting on Innateness and the Mind (University of Sussex). Discussant.

31 May Birbeck College, London: Categories and objects in Infants.

5 Jul University of Palma, Spain: Oral Reasoning and Mental Logic

26 Jul University of Palma, Spain: Imagining physical events.

18 Nov University of Trieste, Italy. Kanisza Lectures 2005: Invited Speaker.

13 Dec Psychoanalytic Society, Milan, Italy: From Chaos To Order. How infants extract words from speech. 


31 Oct San Servolo, Venice. Symposium on Symbols and Connection.

3 Juil Society of Philosophy and Psychology, European Society of Philosophy and Psychology,  First joint Meeting, Barcelona, Spain. Opening Language Acquisition Symposium, Session Plénière: Invited Speaker

4-8 Jul European Science Foundation: Workshop Programme "Understanding Actions and Minds", Budapest. Invited Speaker.

27 Apr Department of Linguistics, University of Siena, Italy. "Primary Data and Statistics.

28 Apr Mind And Language Seminar, University of Siena, Italy. "Causality and Imagination"

2-4 Apr University of Sheffield, UK. Innateness and the Structure of the Mind Workshop. Invited Discussant.

30 March University of Trento, Italy. "Learning Rules and Learning Words."

19 March BANFF, Canada. Human Frontieers Science Project Meeting on Language and Statistics. Invited Speaker.


9-12 Jan European Science Foundation: Workshop on Language, Siena. Invited Speaker

4-8 March Aix-En-Provence, Workshop on Causal and Conditional Reasoning. Invited Speaker

24-8 Sep Symposium "Diversity of Cognition", Kyoto, Japan. Invited Speaker.

7-10 Nov University of Sheffield, UK. Innateness and the Structure of the Mind Workshop. Invited Discussant.

Other invited conferences

1998 - 2002: SISSA/Isas, Trieste; Atelier Jean Nicod, CNRS. Hopital Henri Mondor, Paris; McDonnell Foundation Workshop on Brain and Language, New York;  Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon; Society for Philosophy and Psychology, New York; University of Massachusset, Amherst; Maison De Science de L'Homme, Paris. Collège de France, Paris; University of Barcelona, Spain, and others.