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Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
2022 Articolo su libro Pietro Daniel Omodeo; Jonathan Regier Celestial Physics , The Cambridge History of Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 238-253
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3752632
2021 Articolo su rivista Jonathan Regier A Hot Mess: Girolamo Cardano, the Inquisition, and the Soul in HOPOS, vol. 11 (ISSN 2152-5188)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743997
2020 Articolo su rivista Regier, Jonathan Ficino on the Exalted and Suffering Body: Comparing the Platonic Theology and On the Christian Religion in BRUNIANA & CAMPANELLIANA, vol. 26, pp. 421-435 (ISSN 1724-0441)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3739835
2020 Articolo su rivista Regier J. Scenes with the Earth as Actor: Agency and the Early-Modern Earth in EARTH SCIENCES HISTORY, vol. 39, pp. 409-419 (ISSN 0736-623X)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736926
2020 Articolo su libro Jonathan Regier Stars, Crystals and Courts: Johannes Kepler and Anselmus Boëtius de Boodt , Kepler’s New Star (1604): Context and Controversy, Brill, pp. 107-128 (ISBN 9789004431638; 9789004437272)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736208
2019 Articolo su rivista Regier J. Reading cardano with the roman inquisition: Astrology, celestial physics, and the force of heresy in ISIS, vol. 110, pp. 661-679 (ISSN 0021-1753)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736213
2019 Articolo su libro Jonathan Regier 'Qualis alio modo reperiri non potest' : a few words on Copernican necessity , Contingency and Natural Order in Early Modern Science, Pietro Daniel Omodeo, Rodolfo Garau, vol. 332, pp. 115-136 (ISBN 978-3-319-67376-9; 978-3-319-67378-3) (ISSN 0068-0346)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736927
2019 Articolo su libro Omodeo, Pietro Daniel; Regier, Jonathan The Wittenberg Reception of Copernicus: At the Origin of a Scholarly Tradition , Natural Knowledge and Aristotelianism at Early Modern Protestant Universities, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, pp. 83-108
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/3718823
2017 Articolo su libro Regier J. Ghosts in the celestial machine: A reflection on late renaissance embodiment , Embodiment: A History, Oxford University Press, vol. 1, pp. 313-324
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736212
2016 Articolo su libro Omodeo, Pietro Daniel; Regier, Jonathan Liddel on the Geo-heliocentric Controversy: His Letter to Brahe from 1600 , Duncan Liddel (1561–1613), Networks of Polymathy and the Northern European Renaissance, Leiden, Brill, pp. 203-217
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3692392