COMES: Inglese 2 practice speaking times

Pubblicato il 16/10/2019

I will be doing practice speaking sessions during recupero week.

For group D, these are your times:


Monday 21st Oct 9.00 - 11.00

Lara Simone





Monday 21st Oct 11.00 - 12.00




Maria Grazia



Wednesday 23rd Oct 9.00 - 11.00








COMES Inglese 2 - 2019: Homework

Pubblicato il 13/10/2019

Student's book:

Grammar 8A  p 146

Workbook unit 8A

Mini Grammar Exercise 4a p 75

Vocabulary bank p 160

Reading p 74

Vocabulary and Pronunciation p 75

Grammar exercises a, b, and f  p 76

Reading p 77

Grammar book Units 9 - 10

I'll be putting up reading and video homework later this week.



Week 4

Student's book:

Grammar 7B  p 145

Workbook unit 7B

Mini Grammar Exercise 3b p 69

Vocabulary bank p 159

Grammar book Units 21 - 24

Reading Find a LONG / DIFFICULT :-) article and bring it in to class to discuss with your colleagues

Video: Look at this interesting talk about how your body language affects how other people see you.



Week 3

Student's book:

Grammar 7A  p 144

Workbook unit 7A

Read article p 65

Mini Grammar Exercise 5b p 67

Vocabulary bank p 158

Grammar book Units 11 - 14

Reading and video

Read the following article on gender stereotypes - a sort of introduction to the topic:

Read the following report It's looking at gender equality in France but can be equally as interesting for Italy. Read the proposals and highlight the ones you think are interesting, so that you can talk about them in class.

This was the advert I showed you in class. There are some other interesting ones, too.





Week 2 (for Week 3)

Student's book:

Grammar 6B (student's book p 143)

Workbook unit 6B

Vocabulary pg 61

Revise and Check pg 62 + 63

Grammar book Unit 4 (if you haven't already done it in Inglese 1) and Units 19 and 20 on Gerunds and Infinitives from last week

Reading: bring in an interesting - LONG - article that you have read

Video: look at the following TED talk 

I gave a photocopy of a worksheet to do with this TED talk in class. Please do the exercises that you can do alone (the sheets come from a course book usually used in class with the teacher). I've put a copy in my dispensa for students who were absent.

 - If you want to see how well your brain is working (with or without sleep), you can sign up for free and play some of the brain games -   but then they keep sending you messages, so be aware! 



Week 1 (for Week 2)

Student's book

Grammar 6A (student's book p 142) 

Workbook unit 6A

Grammar book Units 11-14 (optional)

Video TED talk on making money for music from the internet

TED talk on how festivals have become more commercialised

Reading how artists can make money from festivals

how music festivals are tryng to limit the damage they make on the environment

Inglese 2 - Information on books for the start of the course

Pubblicato il 13/10/2019

The book for this course will still be English File Upper Intermediate Part B as it has been for a few years.

However, they have stopped publishing it (and therefore selling it) as there is a new version coming out in January. It might be difficult for you to find so we have put a copy into my Dispensa (and Julia Dougherty's) for students who have been unable to get hold of a copy.


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