INGLESE 2 Homework

Pubblicato il 10/10/2018


Week 4

Student's book:

Grammar 7B  p 145

Workbook unit 7B

Mini Grammar Exercise 3b p 69

Pronunciation Exercise 5 p 70

Vocabulary bank p 159

Grammar book Units 21 - 24

Reading Find a LONG / DIFFICULT :-) article and bring it in to class to discuss with your colleagues




Week 3

Student's book:

Grammar 7A  p 144

Workbook unit 7A

Read article p 65

Mini Grammar Exercise 5b p 67

Vocabulary bank p 158

Grammar book Units 11 - 14

Reading and video

please read the attachment below on the future of coffee

watch the following videos on the gender pay gap  watch both videos (about sceptics at the top and at the bottom, on what would happen to the economy if women were paid equally).




Week 2

Student's book:

Grammar 6B (student's book p 143)

Workbook unit 6B

Vocabulary we did in class pg 61

Revise and Check pg 62 + 63

Grammar book Unit 4 (if you haven't already done it in Inglese 1) and Units 19 and 20 on Gerunds and Infinitives from last week

Reading (and video in the article): bring in an interesting - LONG - article that you have read

Sleep articles / videos:

and TED talks Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post

You can sign up for free and play some of the brain games   but then they keep sending you messages, so be aware! 


Week 1

Student's book

Grammar 6A (student's book p 142) 

Workbook unit 6A

Grammar book Units 11-14 (optional)

Video Watch this TED talk on slavery     

and look at the website connected to it:

Reading read the article on the BBC about brothels in Nevada: 

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