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 Research assistant at Ca’ Foscari University Venice (Venice, Italy). PhD in Environmental Sciences. Currently his main research interests are:

-        Analysis of the spatial distribution of plant and animal species in coastal ecosystems.

A particular attention is given to the identification of environmental factors (biotic and abiotic variables) affecting the distribution of selected species. A particular attention is given to the topic of Species Distribution Models, developed using the most appropriate statistical techniques, geostatistical analysis and mathematical models.

-        Nekton Community ecology in Transitional Water Habitats

This research topic consists in the analysis of nekton communities in transitional and coastal environments in order to assess their potential use as indicators of ecosystem functionality and ecological integrity. Structural/taxonomic approaches are coupled with functional ones (by using functional units or guilds, functional diversity, secondary production) for the evaluation of the functioning of the fish community.

-        Development and application of ecological indicators.

Results of the other research fields represent key elements for the definition of indicators. These tools applied to aquatic ecosystem can be particularly useful for the assessment of the ecological or environmental status of different water bodies, in response to the European Policies (Habitats Directive 1992/43/CE; Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC; Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC) and to record the effects of climate changes on biological communities.