Flaminia LUCCIO

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www.unive.it/persone/luccio (scheda personale)
Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica
Sito web struttura: https://www.unive.it/dais
Sede: Campus scientifico via Torino
Stanza: studio Z.B11 (edificio Zeta B)
Centro temporaneo Progetto Ecosistema dell'Innovazione

3/1999 PhD in Computer Science University of Milan, Italy
4/1995 M.C.S. in Computer Science, Carleton University of Ottawa, Canada
7/1993 Laurea cum laude in Scienze dell'Informazione University of Pisa, Italy

Current and previous positions
10/2020 Deputy Coordinator of the PhD program in Computer Science of Ca' Foscari University
11/2009-present Associate Professor of Computer Science, at the University Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy
11/2006-10/2009 Assistant Professor of Computer Science, at the University Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy
9/1998-10/2006 Assistant Professor at the Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica of the University of Trieste, Italy.

Scopus: Citations 627 by 399 documents; h-index 13; documents 71
Google Scholar: citations 1108; h-index 18; i10-index 37

Research activity
Flaminia Luccio has published more than 70 papers in major international journals and conferences. Her interests include:
- IT Security: System and network security, cryptography, security APIs;
- Formal methods: Models and of languages for the description and analysis of security properties;
- Usability and accessibility: usable security; usability and accessibility of websites and apps;
- Distributed systems: distributed algorithms for mobile agents and robots.

Coordination of research projects and fundraising
7/2020-7/2021 “Cybersecurity in IOT Devices for smart building" with Confindustria Veneto SIAV Spa, call AVI/077A/19 "Innovazione digitale e/o tecnologica" (Scientific Coordinator of the Ca' Foscari research group)
7/2020-12/2020 "IRISS ID 145 - UniKey" with Keyline SpA. Project co-financed by the SMACT competence center (Scientific Coordinator of the Ca' Foscari research group)
6/2020-8/2020 Contract (conto terzi) with BFT SpA, inside the research project "Securing Smartbuilding Devices (SD2)", POR FESR 2014-2020 Azione 1.1.4 (Scientific Coordinator of the Ca' Foscari research group)
4/2019-9/2020 "Distributed algorithms for autonomous mobile robots in the presence of a malicious agent". Iride project, financed by the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. In collaboration with Prof. Shantanu Das of Aix-Marseille University, France and Prof. Euripides Marcou of the University of Thessaly, Greece (Principal Investigator)

Technological transfer
15/2/2019-present Co-founder together with Andrea Albarelli, Riccardo Focardi and Francesco Palmarini of 10Sec S.r.L., Innovative Startup following ART. 4 COMMA 10-BIS DEL D.L.24/01/2015, N. 3. 10Sec. S.r.L., proposes innovative solutions for the security of embedded systems in the field of IoT, automotive, Industry 4.0.Spin off at Ca’ Foscari since 31/1/2020.

National and international acknowledgments and awards
1995 Winner of the “Ontario Graduate Scholarship" to support PhD studies in Canada. Gave up this scholarship to get an Italian PhD scholarship at the University of Milan, Italy

3/2012 Best paper award nominee. "Type-based Analysis of PKCS#11 Key Management". M. Centenaro, R. Focardi, F.L Luccio. In POST, part of ETAPS, 26-27 March 2012, Tallinn, Estonia

7/2014 Achievement award, for "Leadership and Service contributions to the field of Computer and Network Security" assigned during WORLDCOMP'14, Las Vegas, U.S.A., 2014
4/2016 Awarded as one of the best papers. A. Dattolo, F. Luccio, E. Pirone, "Webpage Accessibility and Usability for Autistic Users: a Case Study on a Tourism Website". In ACHI, April 24-28, 2016, Venice, Italy, pp. 145-152.
11/2016 Winner of an Erasmus + scholarship for teaching mobility. Destination the University of Thessaly, Greece.

Responsibilities in the Scientific Community
Flaminia Luccio has been a member of many program and scientific committees of international conferences and journals.

Chairs and organizing committees

-SESSION/WORKSHOP CO-CHAIR of Int. Conf. on Security and Manag.(SAM), 2013-2021
-TECHNICAL PROGRAM CO-CHAIR: of the Int. Conf. on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MOBISEC), Aalborg, Denmark 17-19 May 2011
-TECHNICAL PROGRAM CO-CHAIR and ORGANIZING COMMITTEE CHAIR of International Conference on Fun with Algorithms (FUN), 4-6 June, Venice, Italy, 2012
-SPECIAL SESSION/KEYNOTE/PANELIST CHAIR of The Int. Conf. on Security and Privacy in Mobile Inform. and Comm. Systems (MOBISEC), Frankfurt, Germany, June 25-27, 2012
-LOCAL ARRANGEMENT CO-CHAIR of The Int. Conf. on Security and Privacy in Mobile Inform. and Communication Systems (MOBISEC), Turin, Italy, 3-5 June 2009
-LOCALIZATION CO-CHAIR of The Int. Conf. on Security and Privacy in Mobile Inform. and Communication Systems (MOBISEC), Catania, Italy. May 26-28, 2010
-ORGANIZING CHAIR of Work. on mobile agents and robots(WMAR), Venice, 28 Jan. 2015
-the IEEE CSFW IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop, Venice, Italy, 5-7 July 2006
-the IEEE CSF IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, Venice, Italy, 6-8 July 2007
-the IFIP IEEIII Informatics Education Europe, Venice, Italy, 4-5 Dec. 2008
-the First ITASEC The Italian Conference on Cyber Security, Venice, Italy, 17-20 Jan. 2017

Program committees
-IEEE CSF (IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium), 2018
-FPS (The International Symposium on Foundations & Practice of Security), 2015-2016
-MOBISEC (Int. Conf. on Secur. and Privacy in Mobile Info. and Comm. Systems) 2009-2012
-ITASEC (The Italian Conference on Cyber Security), 2017-2018
-ICISSP (The Int. Conf. on Information Systems Security and Privacy) 2015-2021
-SIROCCO (Int. Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity), 2006
-ALGOSENSOR (Int. Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks) 2009
-SSS (The Int. Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Syst.), 2015
-ADHOCNOW (Int. Conf, on Ad-Hoc, Mobile and Wireless Networks), 2015 (Sp.Track), 2016
-FUN (International Conference on Fun with Algorithms), 2014,2018
-ICTCS (Italian Conf. on Theoretical Computer Science) 2005, 2015, 2018, 2020
-CISIM (Int. Conf. on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications 2013-2020
-IEE (Informatics Education Europe), 2008-2009
-Goodtechs (Int. Conf. on Smart Objects and Techn. for Social Good, ACM Proc. 2019-2020
-SGIQL (Serious Games to Improve Quality of Life) Special sess. GOODTECHS, 2017-2020
-CSOSN (The International Workshop on Cybersecurity of Online Social Networks), 2012
-ACHI (The Int. Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions), 2016-2021
-HUCAPP (The Int. Conf. on Human Computer Interaction Theory and App.), 2016-2021
-SENSORCOMM (The Int. Conf. on Sensor Technologies and Applications), 2017- 2020
-SECURWARE (The Int. Conf. on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies) 2014-2020
-CSIT (The Int. Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology), 2018
-FTRA AIM Summer (The FTRA Int. Conf. on Advanced IT, Eng. and Management), 2012
-FTRA AIM (FTRA Int. Conf. on Advanced IT, Eng. and Management), 2012-2014
-AIM (The International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mobile Computing), 2015
-WTA (Int. Symp. on Wireless sensor network Techn. and App. for Smart Space) 2011-2014

Editorial boards and Steering Committee
Editorial Board Member of international journals
-(Sept. 2016-Nov.2020) Wireless Personal Communications, Springer
-(Since Nov. 2015) Open Computer Science journal
-(May 2012-Apr.2014) ISRN Combinatorics
-(May 2014-Nov.2017) International Scholarly Research Notices for the area ”Discrete Mathematics”
-Theory of Computing Systems (co-editor for the ”special issue” dedicated to the conference FUN with Algorithms 2012) with E. Kranakis, D. Krizanc, May 2014

Steering Committee member of the International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, ACHI series, IARIA

Activity as reviewer and supervisor
Flaminia Luccio has served as reviewer for various international journals, among which:

-Information Processing Letters (IPL)
-Graphs and Combinatorics (GC)
-Discrete Mathematics
-Distributed Computing
-Performance Evaluation
-Theoretical Computer Science
-Theory of Computing Systems
-Wireless Personal Communications

She has been PhD supervisor of
-Dr. Heider Ahmad Mutleq. Wahsheh

Se has been a thesis reviewer and member of the PhD defense committees of Dr. Diego Marcheggiani (Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia)

Participation in projects
Apart from the coordinated projects (listed above) Flaminia Luccio has participated into numerous research projects, among which:
-National Project: M.U.R.S.T(ex 40%) Metodi e Problemi in Analisi Reale, PI Prof. P. De Lucia (1999-2000)
-National Project: M.U.R.S.T (ex 40%) AIDA Abstract Interpretation: Design and Applications, PI Prof. R. Giacobazzi (2004-2005)
-National Project: M.U.R.S.T (ex 40%) SOFT: Security Oriented Formal Techniques, PI Prof. R. Focardi (2007-2008)
-Project of regione Sardegna: TESLA Tecniche di Enforcement per la Sicurezza dei Linguaggi e delle Applicazioni (2010)
-National Project: M.U.R.S.T (ex 40%) Security Horizons, PI Prof. P. Degano (2010- 2011).
-MIUR Project, Smart cities call: ”ADAPT - Accessible Data for Accessible Proto-Types in Social Sector” (2016-2019)
-MIUR-DAAD JOINT MOBILITY PROGRAM PROG. "CLIENT-SIDE SECURITY ENFORCEMENT FOR MOBILE AND WEB APPLICATIONS". Exchange Research -Program between University Ca' Foscari of Venice and Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. PI Prof. Focardi (2016-17)
-CISCO project: "FilieraSicura: Securing the Supply Chain of Domestic Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attacks" PI Prof. Baldoni. (2016-2019)
-MAE-MIUR JOINT MOBILITY PROGRAM: “Formal Specification for Secured Software System”. Research exchange program between Italy and India. PI   Prof. Cortesi (2017-2019)
-POR FESR (2014-2020) ADMIN4D ADditive Manufacturing and INdustry 4.0 as innovation Driver DGR N.1139/2017, 2017-2019
-POR FESR (2014-2020) Sistema domotico IoT integrato ad elevata sicurezza informatica per smart building DGR 1139 2017-now

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