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Research team Science of complex economic, human and natural systems

Ricevimento 20 marzo sospeso - recupero venerdì 22 marzo 14-16

Pubblicato il 20/03/2019

Research topics

Pubblicato il 01/03/2019

I am available to supervise students interested in the following topics for their dissertation, as well as for Marie Curie proposals. You can express your interest by sending an email to

Climate policy and sustainable development: Analyse the adaptation strategies proposed in the Paris agreement, and assess how they contribute to the SDGs.

Climate change impacts and energy demand:  Analyse the relationship between energy demand and temperature across industrial sectors

Climate change impacts and energy demand: a meta-analysis

Energy access and use and adaptive capacity: Analyse the benefits of energy access in terms of reduced vulnerability to climate change.

Determinants of climate policy: Analyse the drivers of climate policy using time series cross sectional data

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