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Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
In corso di stampa Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Lampel, Joseph; Onoz, Ergun Do I see what you see? Institutional quality, action observability, and multimarket contact in the global mobile phone industry in GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL, vol. Published Online, March 2022, pp. 1-44 (ISSN 2042-5791)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3754068
2023 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Mensah, Deborah Tiniwah Catching-up during technological windows of opportunity: An industry product categories perspective in RESEARCH POLICY, vol. 52, pp. 1-16 (ISSN 0048-7333)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5010040
2023 Articolo su rivista Spadafora, Ettore; Giachetti, Claudio; Kumodzie‐Dussey, Makafui Kwame; Elango, B. International experience and imitation of location choices: The role of experience interpretation and assessment and its board‐level microfoundations in GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL, vol. 13, pp. 111-146 (ISSN 2042-5791)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3754687
2023 Articolo su rivista Garrido, Elisabet; Giachetti, Claudio; Maicas, Juan P. Navigating windows of opportunity: The role of international experience in STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, vol. 44, pp. 1911-1938 (ISSN 0143-2095)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5012753
2023 Articolo su rivista Onoz, Ergun; Giachetti, Claudio Will rivals enter or wait outside when faced with litigation risk? Patent litigation in complex product industries and international market entry in STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION, vol. 21, pp. 339-379 (ISSN 1476-1270)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3737985
2023 Articolo su libro Giachetti, Claudio Competitive Intensity , Oxford Bibliographies in Management, New York, Oxford University Press, vol. Published online, August 2023 (ISBN 9780199846740)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5034140
2022 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Li Pira, Stefano Catching up with the market leader: Does it pay to rapidly imitate its innovations? in RESEARCH POLICY, vol. 51, pp. 1-14 (ISSN 0048-7333)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3752929
2022 Articolo su rivista Peprah, Augustine Awuah; Giachetti, Claudio; Larsen, Marcus M.; Rajwani, Tazeeb S. How Business Models Evolve in Weak Institutional Environments: The Case of Jumia, the Amazon.Com of Africa in ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, vol. 33, pp. 431-463 (ISSN 1047-7039)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3738662
2022 Articolo su rivista Claudio Giachetti; Augustine Awuah Peprah How much control do firms exercise over their resources when entering emerging markets? The influence of institutional voids on entry mode degree of control in BUSINESS RESEARCH QUARTERLY, vol. 25, pp. 122-142 (ISSN 2340-9444)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3728262
2021 Articolo su libro Giachetti, Claudio; Dagnino, Giovanni Battista Competitive dynamics in strategic management , Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management, Oxford University Press, vol. Published Online, August 31, pp. 1-19 (ISBN 9780190224851)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3742707
2020 Articolo su rivista Pitsakis, Konstantinos; Giachetti, Claudio Information-based imitation of university commercialization strategies: The role of technology transfer office autonomy, age, and membership into an association in STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION, vol. 18, pp. 573-616 (ISSN 1476-1270)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3714397
2019 Articolo su rivista Dagnino, Giovanni Battista; Giachetti, Claudio; La Rocca, Maurizio; Picone, Pasquale Massimo Behind the curtain of international diversification: An agency theory perspective in GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL, vol. 9, pp. 555-594 (ISSN 2042-5791)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3701150
2019 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Manzi, Giancarlo; Colapinto Cinzia Entry Mode Degree of Control, Firm Performance and Host Country Institutional Development: A Meta-Analysis in MIR. MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, vol. 59, pp. 3-39 (ISSN 0938-8249)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3707193
2019 Articolo su rivista Elango, B.*; Dhandapani, Karthik; Giachetti, Claudio Impact of institutional reforms and industry structural factors on market returns of emerging market rivals during acquisitions by foreign firms in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, vol. 28, pp. 1-12 (ISSN 0969-5931)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3701149
2018 Monografia o trattato scientifico Claudio, Giachetti Smartphone Start-ups: Navigating the iPhone Revolution , Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1-192 (ISBN 978-3-319-67972-3)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3695954
2018 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Torrisi, Salvatore Following or Running Away from the Market Leader? The Influences of Environmental Uncertainty and Market Leadership in EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW, vol. 15, pp. 455-463 (ISSN 1740-4762)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3690152
2017 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, C.; Spadafora, E. Conformity or Nonconformity in Multinationality? Performance Implications for the Italian Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, vol. 57, pp. 683-715 (ISSN 1861-8901)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3686443
2017 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Lampel, J.; LI PIRA, Stefano Red Queen competitive imitation in the UK mobile phone industry in ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, vol. 60, pp. 1882-1914 (ISSN 0001-4273)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3677030
2017 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, C.; Marchi, G. Successive changes in leadership in the worldwide mobile phone industry: The role of windows of opportunity and firms’ competitive action in RESEARCH POLICY, vol. 46, pp. 352-364 (ISSN 0048-7333)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3679950
2017 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C.; Dagnino G.B. The impact of technological convergence on firms' product portfolio strategy: an information-based imitation approach in R & D MANAGEMENT, vol. 47, pp. 17-35 (ISSN 0033-6807)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3640141
2016 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio Competing in Emerging Markets: Performance Implications of Competitive Aggressiveness in MIR. MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, vol. 56, pp. 325-352 (ISSN 0938-8249)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3662892
2016 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C.; Lanzolla G. Product technology imitation over the product diffusion cycle: Which companies and product innovations do competitors imitate more quickly? in LONG RANGE PLANNING, vol. 49, pp. 250-264 (ISSN 0024-6301)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3655546
2015 Articolo su rivista Bagnoli C.; Giachetti C. Aligning knowledge strategy and competitive strategy in small firms in JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, SAULETEKIO AL 11, VILNIUS, LT-10223, LITHUANIA, VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECH UNIV, vol. 16, pp. 571-598 (ISSN 1611-1699)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/38698
2015 Articolo su rivista Giachetti, Claudio; Bagnoli, Carlo The effect of openness to external knowledge sources for innovation on SMEs’ financial performance in MERCATI E COMPETITIVITÀ, vol. 4, pp. 65-86 (ISSN 1826-7386)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3665516
2014 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C.; Dagnino G.B. Detecting the relationship between competitive intensity and firm product line length: Evidence from the worldwide mobile phone industry in STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, vol. 35, pp. 1398-1409 (ISSN 0143-2095)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/26548
2014 Articolo su rivista Dagnino G. B.; Giachetti C.; La Rocca M.; Picone P. M. Unveiling the Antecedents of International Diversification: An Agency Theory Approach in ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS, vol. Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings 2014, pp. 14326-14331 (ISSN 2151-6561)
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2013 Monografia o trattato scientifico Giachetti C. Competitive dynamics in the mobile phone industry , England, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1-150 (ISBN 9781137374127)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/38042
2013 Articolo su rivista Lampel J.; Giachetti C. International diversification of manufacturing operations: Performance implications and moderating forces in JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, vol. 31, pp. 213-227 (ISSN 0272-6963)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/37504
2013 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C.; Spadafora E.; Bursi T. Internazionalizzazione, performance delle imprese e crisi economiche: i produttori di piastrelle di ceramica del distretto di Modena e Reggio Emilia in MERCATI E COMPETITIVITÀ, vol. 4, pp. 37-58 (ISSN 1826-7386)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/28872
2012 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C. A resource-based perspective on the relationship between service diversification and firm performance: Evidence from Italian facility management firms in JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, vol. 13, pp. 567-585 (ISSN 1611-1699)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/30612
2012 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C. Do service firms benefit from diversification? The moderating effect of competitive intensity and firm size in MERCATI E COMPETITIVITÀ, vol. 2, pp. 87-103 (ISSN 1826-7386)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/33933
2012 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C. The relationship between internationalisation and firm performance in the global automotive industry: who benefits? Who not? in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, vol. 12, pp. 295-311 (ISSN 1470-9511)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/26549
2012 Articolo su libro Giachetti C.; Vecchi P. L’effetto country of origin: Approcci ed evoluzione degli studi sul tema in Bursi T., Grappi S., Martinelli E., Effetto country of origin. Un’analisi comparata a livello internazionale sul comportamento d’acquisto della clientela, Bologna, Il Mulino, pp. 21-48 (ISBN 9788815238245)
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/32423
2011 Articolo su rivista Marchi G.; Giachetti C.; de Gennaro P. Extending lead-user theory to online brand communities: The case of the community Ducati in TECHNOVATION, vol. 31(8), pp. 350-361 (ISSN 0166-4972)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/24947
2011 Articolo in Atti di convegno Balboni B., Giachetti C., Grappi S., Martinelli E., Vecchi P., Vignola M. L’influenza del paese di origine sulle scelte dei consumatori italiani: Un’analisi multi-gruppo , The proceedings of 10th International Conference Marketing Trends, Marketing Trends Association, pp. 1-21, Convegno: 10th International Conference Marketing Trends, 20-22 January 2011 (ISBN 978-2-9532811-2-5)
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2010 Articolo su rivista Giachetti C.; Lampel J. Keeping Both Eyes on the Competition: Strategic Adjustment to Multiple Targets in The UK Mobile Phone Industry in STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION, vol. 8(4), pp. 347-376 (ISSN 1476-1270)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/24440