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Since 2017, Marina Buzzoni has been Full Professor of Germanic Philology (ssd. L-FIL-LET/15) at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice [CFU], Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies.

Former student at the “Ghislieri” College in Pavia – where students are awarded a place on the basis of merit –, Marina Buzzoni holds a degree summa cum laude and "dignità di stampa” (“publication recommended”) in Foreign Languages and Literatures (1994) and a Ph.D. in Germanic and Norse Philology (1999) with a special focus on scholarly editing (see the monograph "Le sezioni poetiche della Cronaca anglosassone. Edizione e studio tipologico" 2001). She spent her training abroad at the University of Oxford (St Hugh's College), Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (D), and Universiteit Leiden (NL), where she specialised in (digital) scholarly editing and studied web technologies. Before becoming a Full Professor, she worked as University Researcher (1999-2002) and then as Associate Professor (2002-2017) at CFU.

Marina Buzzoni’s major scientific interests include: digital philology and – more specifically – textual criticism (Buzzoni 2020; Boschetti, Buzzoni 2018; Buzzoni 2001; Buzzoni, Burgio 2014; Buzzoni 2011a); theory and practice of digital scholarly editing (Buzzoni 2018; Buzzoni 2016; Buzzoni, Rosselli Del Turco 2016; Burgio, Buzzoni et al. 2015; Buzzoni, Rosselli Del Turco 2015; Burgio, Buzzoni, Ghersetti 2013; Buzzoni 2011b; Buzzoni 2011c; Buzzoni 2005), digital archives and libraries (Boschetti, Buzzoni et al. 2020; Buzzoni, Rosselli Del Turco 2018; Buzzoni 2009; ALIM project), computer-assisted stemmatology (Roelli, Buzzoni et al. 2020; Buzzoni 2019; Buzzoni et al. 2016), research infrastructures (she is a member of the CLARIN ERIC Scientific Advisory Board).

In her academic career, she has authored six monographic volumes, as well as various scholarly articles and book-chapters (complete publications list: A co-edited volume on stemmatology funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and titled "Handbook of Stemmatology: History, Methodology, Digital Approaches'' has recently been published by De Gruyter (2020).

She is also involved in various digital projects: she is a member of the Editorial Board of the Parvum Lexicon Stemmatologicum (2015) a project supported by COST Action IS1005 – Medieval Europe, ( She is co-editor of the Digital Ramusio Project (, which has received an award from Ca' Foscari University of Venice due to its high impact in the research community, and is now being developed into a comprehensive digital edition of the Devisement dou Monde (DEDM), financially sustained - among other institutions - by the Confucius Institute at CFU. She has extensively worked on the ALIM [Archive of the Italian Latinity of the Middle Ages] project (, and is now preparing a digital scholarly edition of the Lombards Laws/Leges Langobardorum in collaboration with Roberto Rosselli Del Turco ( The ALIM project was launched in the 1990s under the auspices of various Italian Cultural Institutions like CUN (National Research Council) and UAN (Unione Accademica Nazionale); the project has long been supported by PRIN funds, renewed almost continuously from 1996 to 2016. Over the years, the digital library has grown steadily, has joined forces with similar archives like the huge Corpus Corporum project (, and sought integration into CLARIN ERIC infrastructure (Boschetti, Buzzoni et al. 2020).

As for the organisation, direction and coordination of national and international research groups or the participation in the aforementioned groups, the most important ones are listed below, with the specification of the role played by Marina Buzzoni.

  • Coordination

2016-2020, Prin-2015: “A.L.I.M. (Archivio digitale della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo: Prassi e teoria dell’archiviazione informatica e del trattamento filologico-ecdotico dei testi medievali.” Role: chair of the Venice Research Unit.

2016 to the present: Progetto di Ricerca d'Ateneo-2016: Una nuova edizione integrale del "Devisement dou Monde"/"Milione": ricerca filologica e applicazioni digitali. Role: Marina Buzzoni is coordinator of the Working Group (WG) on the digital part of the edition.

2016 to the present: Stemmatology in the digital age. Role: member of the Editorial Board.

2013-2015: PLS - Parvum Lexicon Stemmatologicum; project supported by COST Action IS1005 – Medieval Europe. Role: member of the Editorial Board.

2012-2014: Progetto d'Ateneo-2011: “Marco Polo elettronico. Per l'edizione critica digitale de 'I viaggi di Messer Marco Polo'.” Role: Co-PI.

2006-2008: Prin-2006: “Composizione, trasmissione e instabilità del testo germanico medievale: nuovi criteri ecdotici e modelli di edizione”. Role: chair of the local Research Unit.

  • Participation

2012-2016, PRIN-2012: “Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo [ALIM]”. Project: diplomatic-interpretative edition of the Edictum Rothari as transmitted in the Codex Eporedianus (Ivrea, Biblioteca Capitolare, XXXVIII.5). Role: member of the Venice Research Unit.

2011-2015, “NeDiMAH - Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities”, sustained by European Science Foundation (WG6). Role: individual invited scholar.

2010-2012 and 2017 to the present, Studia Stemmatologica I e II, sustained by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (

2002-2004, PRIN-2002: “Riscrittura e intertestualità: metamorfosi, interferenze e reinterpretazioni del testo medievale”. Role: member of the Local Research Unit.

1999-2001, COFIN-1999: “La modernizzazione del testo medievale. Problemi di ricezione e di traduzione”. Role: member of the Local Research Unit.

Over the last five years Marina Buzzoni has been Visiting Professor at the University of Lund (Sweden) and at the University of Bergen (Norway) (a.y. 2018-19) and at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon (France) (a.y. 2015-16), where she gave lectures on Digital Philology, organized workshops on Digital tools for scholarly editing, recorded MOOCS on Digital Textual Scholarship.

At Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, she was co-coordinator of the PhD Programme in “Lingue, culture e società moderne, e Scienze del Linguaggio” (Chair of the curriculum in “Language Sciences”, 2017-2022). She is a former member of the Didactic Board of the Specialization Course in Digital Humanities (2015-2019), now turned into an MA course in Digital Humanities (2020→). Over the past years Marina Buzzoni has taught several Digital Humanities, Germanic Philology and Historical Linguistics modules at BA, MA, PhD levels both in Italian and English, among which “Elements of digital editing”, “Digital Philology and Text Encoding”, “Digital Tools and Resources for Textual Data”, “Computer-Assisted Stemmatology”, “Artificial intelligence and automatic handwriting recognition”.

Marina Buzzoni is current President of the Italian Association of DH [AIUCD=Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale]. As for European Research Infrastructures, she is chair of the CLARIN ERIC Scientific Advisory Board (2022→). She is also a former member of the Executive Board of the Italian Association of Germanic Philology [AIFG] (2014-2020).

Marina Buzzoni takes part in the editorial boards of national and international journals (e.g. “Germanic Philology” – classe A ANVUR, and “Umanistica Digitale” – indexed in ERIH Plus and Scopus), as well as philological series (e.g. “Filologie medievali e moderne”, ECF-Digital Publishing), dictionaries and archives.

She is also a member of, or affiliated to, a number of international centers in the DH domain, including VeDPH, Lund Humanities Lab, Besançon Research Centre “Lucien Tesnière”. She attended, as invited or accepted speaker, around 150 national and international research conferences both in the DH field (e.g. TEI, CLARIN, AIUCD) and in the philological domain (e.g. ESTS, AIFG, Stemmatological Workshops all around Europe). She organized various international hands-on workshops and theoretical conferences, both focused on the projects carried on, and of more general interest for philological studies.

Among her major University Service Appointments can be listed:

- present head of the University Library System (2022→) and Rector's delegate for the Library System;

- former member of the Ca' Foscari Evaluation Unit (Nucleo di Valutazione d'Ateneo) (2018-2021)

- former member of the Quality Assurance Board (PQA) (2013-2016);

- former member of the Academic Senate, Ca' Foscari University of Venice (2009-2012);

- former member of the Quality Assurance Group of the MA Programme in Language Sciences (2016-2019);

- former member of the Department Advisory Board (2014-2017).

Minor University Service Appointments include the coordination and participation in BA and MA didactic boards (“Collegi didattici”), and the coordination of the “Commissione didattica paritetica” of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2005-2009).

Marina Buzzoni acted as evaluator for the national Research Quality Assessment, exercise 2015-19 (Group: GEV Area 10).