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LINGUA ANGLO-AMERICANA 3 - Classe 1 [LT007B] (176680): Esercitazioni - Gruppo B: temporary timetable

Pubblicato il 06/09/2020

Students belonging to Group B of Lingua Anglo-Americana 3 (those studying Russian and German) should for the moment follow the lessons of Group C (dott.ssa Cawthra) or Group A (dott.ssa Santini). This is because we are still waiting for a new CEL to be appointed, who will take over these lesson slots. As soon as this happens we will let you know. Our apologies for the current situation, which is due to circumstances beyond our control. 

LINGUA ANGLO-AMERICANA 1 - Classe 1 [LT005B] VENEZIA (176664): Presentation for 1st year students / Presentazione inglese 1 alle matricole

Pubblicato il 04/09/2020

Here is the Powerpoint presentation. 

AMERICAN LITERATURE 1 MOD. 1 - [LMJ260] (175444): How to accede to my lessons on Zoom

Pubblicato il 03/09/2020

In order to accede to my lessons via Zoom you will need to go the Moodle page for the course -

and go to the bottom of the page, where it says "Calendar of Zoom lessons". Clicking on this will take you to the complete calendar. All you need to do is to click on the lesson for the particular day you want. 

See you soon!

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