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Pia Masiero

13 luglio 1967 (Padova)

Posizione attuale: Professoressa Associata in Lingue e letterature Anglo-americane L-LIN/11


produzione scientifica


2012                Masiero, Pia. Names across the Color Line. William Faulkner's Short Fiction 1931-1942. Venezia: LT2 Studio Edizioni.                

2011                Masiero, Pia. Philip Roth and the Zuckerman Books. The Making of a Storyworld, Amherst, New York: Cambria Press.

                        Recensito in:

                         - the 2012 Spring Issue of the Philip Roth Studies by Andrew Gordon (University of Florida). pp. 101-106.

                        - in the reviews section of the European Journal of American Studies by David Brauner (The University of Reading).

Saggi in riviste

2021                (with Adriano Ardovino) “Infinite Jest’s Voice(s). Notes for an Audible Map.” English Literature, vol.8 – online. 19 pages.

2020                “‘The tree is saying things in words before words’: Form as Theme in Richard Powers’ The Overstory.” DEP 41-42: 135-150.

2019                “Philip Roth in his Silence.” Philip Roth Studies, 15:86-91.

2019                “The Case of 'Think' in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: Is Dialogism    Possible?” The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies, 2: 95-129.

2019                (with Laura Tosi) “The Difficult Rehabilitation of the Fairy-Tale Villain.” Le Simplegadi 17: 135-152.

2018                 “‘This is What Life is About’: Science Fiction and Dystopias in George Saunders’s Tenth of December.” Letterature d’America, XXXVII: 195-229

2017                Masiero, Pia. "Voci, corpi e lettori. Note per una lettura parallela di 2666 e Infinite Jest." Orillas. Rivista D’Ispanistica, 6 (2017): 213-224.

2017                Masiero, Pia “Systemic Phantasmagorias. David Foster Wallace's and John Krisinski's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.” AA.VV., American Phantasmagoria: Modes of Representation in US Culture. In honor of Alide Cagidemetrio, Venezia, Supernova, pp. 163-180.

2016                Masiero, Pia. “Making Canada while Narrating It: Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion.” Oltreoceano 11 (2016): 71-80.

2014                Masiero, Pia. “On Focalization Once Again. What about the Reader?” Cercles 33 (2014): 131-144.

2014                Masiero, Pia. “Roth’s The Counterlife and the Negotiation of Reality and Fiction.” CLCWeb Comparative Literature and Culture. 16.2                                (2014): 9 pages.

2013                Masiero, Pia. “The Difference in One Word: the Italian Translation of Philip Roth’s American Pastoral.” Partial Answers 11 (2013): 305-319.

2013                Masiero, Pia. “Ma il lettore cosa fa?” Ed. M. Bortignon, K. Darici, S. Imperiale. Il lettore in gioco. Finestre sul mondo della lettura. Innesti/Crossroads XL1. Venezia: Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. 95-100.

2008                Masiero, Pia. “Assimilation and Authenticity in Philip Roth's I Married a Communist.” Letterature d’America 117-118 (2008): 83-100.

2005                Masiero, Pia. “Notes in/on Paul Auster's Oracle Night.”  RSA Journal 14 (2005): 181-196.

Saggi in volume (selezione)

2022                (with Adriano Ardovino). “‘A matter of perspective’: ‘Good Old Neon’ between Literature and Philosophy.” Manchester: Manchester          University Press. 68-88.  (Forthcoming)

2021                “Portnoy and Its Aftermath.” Philip Roth in Context. Ed. Maggie McKinley. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 71-80.

2013               Masiero, Pia “Narratological Quicksands in the Nemeses Tetralogy.” Critical Insights. Philip Roth. Ed. Aimee Pozorski. Ipswich, Mass:                              Salem Press. 43-60.   

2012                Masiero, Pia “‘That is neither here nor there’: Reading Alice Munro's Short Stories.” A Rosella. Saggi in onore di Rosella Mamoli Zorzi. Eds.Francesca Bisutti e Pia Masiero.  Venezia: Supernova Edizioni.159-169.

2011              Masiero, Pia. ‘"Nothing is impersonally perceived': Dreams, Realistic Chronicles and Perspectival Effects in American Pastoral.” Ed.            Ivanova, Velichka Reading Philip Roth's American Pastoral. Toulouse, Presses Universitaires du Mirail. 179-192.

Invitata a contribuire a:

David Foster Wallace in Context (Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming 2022)

Philip Roth Handbook (Cambridge University Press)

“Philip Roth @90” special issue Philip Roth Journal

Organizzazione e partecipazione in qualità di relatore a congressi e convegni nazionali e internazionali

Co-Organizzatrice e coordinatrice Panel AISNA Biennial Conference, 23-25 settembre 2021 (L’Aquila) – “Characters in U.S. Narratives after Postmodernism: Situation Selves, Recognizing Inequalities”

Organizzatrice e coordinatrice World Cafè: “Letteratura e liquidità: metamorfosi del romanzo contemporaneo”, 18-19 gennaio 2019

Co-Organizzatrice e coordinatrice Panel AISNA Biennial Conference 26-28 settembre (Ragusa) – “Narratives across borders: generic and epistemological breaches in 21st Century North-American Literature”

Co-organizzatrice (con il professor Adriano Ardovino) del convegno “David Foster Wallace between Philosophy and Literature” – Università degli studi G. D’Annunzio, Chieti Pescara – 18-20 aprile 2018

Organizzatrice e coordinatrice Panel AISNA Biennal Conference, 28-30 settembre 2017 – “The Fictional World We Inhabit: New Directions for the Contemporary US Novel”

Partecipazione a convegni (2010-2022)

2022    “Coping with the vestiges of presence: the case of David Foster Wallace’s brief interviews”. June 28-30, International Conference on Narrative 2022, University of Chichester.

2022    “In search for (narrating) voices in early Wallace”. June 2-4, David Foster Wallace Conference, University of Texas at Austin.

2022    “Relational wastelands according to David Foster Wallace: Is There a Way Out?”. April 6-8, 34th European Association for American Studies Conference, Universidad Computense, Madrid.

2021    “Infinite Jest’s Voice(s) – Notes for an Audible Map” (with Adriano Ardovino). October, 28-30, DFW Conference – 25 Years of Infinite Jest: The (After)Lives and Influences of the Work of David Foster Wallace. VU University Amsterdam/Amsterdam University College

2021    “The Author’s I and the Reader’s You: the Reader Address in the Context of Post-postmodern        North-American Fiction.” May, 19-22th, Narrative Conference (online)

2020    “I realismi del lettore: leggere la narrative di David Foster Wallace.” Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli, 30 settembre. Invited speech.

2020    “The Beginning of Richard Powers’ The Overstory.” 28-30 Oct, Powerful Literary Fiction Texts II, Paris (online)

2019    “Past and present tenses in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest: in search for (an embodied) pattern.” May 30 – June 1st, Narrative Conference, Pamplona.

2019    “Patrimony: Philip Roth’s Legacy as a Writer.” April 7-9, Roth Remembered Conference, Newark.

2018    Roundtable – What We Talk About When We Talk about David Foster Wallace: Intertexts, Cinema and Form (with Allard Den Dulk, David Hering)

2017    Graduate Lecture Series. Freiburg University “Omniscience and Figuralization in Infinite Jest.” May 10th – Invited Speech

2017    650 anni prima. Il posto di un classico contemporaneo: 2666 di Roberto Bolaño. Università di Padova, “Voci, corpi e lettori - una lettura parallela di 2666 e Infinite Jest.” April, 6th-8th.

2017    (con Laura Tosi) 3rd Cambridge Symposium on Cognitive Approaches to Children’s Literature, University of Cambridge, “The (difficult) Rehabilitation of the Fairy Tale Villain: Narrative Strategies and Empathetic Engagement.” March 17th-18th.

2016    “Omniscience and Narrative Involvement in Infinite Jest.” David Foster Wallace Conference, Illinois State University, July 28th-30th

2015    “Reading (and Living) as Speculative Process in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.” July 8th, David Foster Wallace and the Short Things.            University of Bristol                    

2015    “Making Canada while Narrating it: Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion” November 11-12 Narrating Canada: Generations, Memories,          Identities. International Conference, Venice.

2014    “Re-ordering (Personal) History: The Case of Patrimony”. 25th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association. Boston, May 22-25.

2014    Philip Roth across Cultures, across Disciplines. St Gallen University. “Lost in Translation? Philip Roth in Italy.” June, 12th-14th.

2013    “Empathy, Deixis and the Body: A Modest Proposal.” June 28, 2013, Narrative Conference, Manchester.

2013    Roundtable on “What we Talk about when we Talk about Roth.” March 18, 2013, Roth@80, Newark. Invited Participation

2012    “On Focalizazion Once Again.” Nov 29, 2012, Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, Journée D’Etudes. Paris, Cergy-Pontoise. Invited Speech

2011    Roundtable “Philip Roth’s Nemeses Tetralogy.” May 26, 2011, American Literature Association, Boston. Invited Participation.

2010    “Front Matters and Inside Matters: How Storyworlds Take Shape Before Reading. The Case of Philip Roth’s Books.” April 8-11 2010, Narrative Conference, Cleveland.

Attribuzione di incarichi di insegnamento o di ricerca ufficiale presso Atenei e istituti di ricerca, esteri e internazionali, di alta qualificazione

Giugno-agosto 2015:Fulbright Scholarship: The United States Department of State 2005 Institute of Contemporary U.S. Literature (University of Louisville, Kentucky)

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Membro Board Philip Roth Studies

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Progetti Erasmus+ - Key Action 1 – International Credit Mobility (1/6/2015 - 1/6/2017)

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Peer reviewer Philip Roth Studies
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Peer Reviewer David Foster Wallace Studies Journal
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2011-15 Coordinatrice Joint Degree in English and American Studies

Terza Missione (2017-2021)

2022 – 2 e 9 marzo – Scrittura e Letterature; Una questione di scelte. Circolo culturale Walter Tobagi (Mestre)

2022 – 10, 17 e 24 marzo – ciclo di lezioni su Philip Roth e La pastorale americana, presso l’UTEM (Università terza età di Montebelluna)

2012-2021 – Rappresentante di Ca’ Foscari nel CdA Radio Magica Onlus

2021 – 14 dicembre lezione su David Foster Wallace e il post-postmodernismo – Università di Chieti Pescara (online)

2021 – primavera – ciclo di lezioni su Amatissima (Toni Morrison), presso l’Università della terza età di Montebelluna (online)

2021 – 28 maggio – Leggere David Foster Wallace (Incontri con la letteratura americana) – Rai cultura


2013-2020 – Direttrice Festival Internazionale di Letteratura Incroci di civiltà

2019 – 26 febbraio “L’altra America. Storie e scritture dell’invisibilità.” Dialogo con Luca Briasco (rassegna VezAmerica)

2019 – 19 febbraio “La trilogia americana di Philip Roth: quale America?” (rassegna VezAmerica)

2018 – ciclo di lezioni su Il grande Gatsby (F.S. Fitzgerald), presso l’Università della terza età di Montebelluna


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