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IMAGE AND VIDEO UNDERSTANDING - [CM0524] VENEZIA (161008): Hand-on class on deep learning libraries

Pubblicato il 12/11/2018

As anticipated in the class, on Thursday 22 November there'll be a hands-on lesson on the PyTorch Deep Learning library.

In order to follow the lesson you'll be required to know Python 3 basics ( and, optionally, NumPy basics (

JetBrains' PyCharm is a good IDE for Python ( and you can install the professional edition using your university affiliation ( Alternatively you can still rely on code editors such as Sublime or Visual Studio Code.

In addition, you'll need to have the following software installed:

1) Python3 (v3.7 preferred, but older versions are ok as well). It is suggested to install Anaconda/Miniconda distributions (, to avoid possible problems related with missing libraries.

2) PyTorch library ( installed on your computer (v0.4.0 or v0.4.1 mandatory). torchvision library is needed as well. GPU CUDA acceleration is not mandatory.

Optionally, you can install Jupyter Notebook, since some code will be displayed with it.

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