Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars

Ca' Foscari University of Venice welcomes and recognizes the role of Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars in furthering the University’s cultural and scientific internationalisation. For this purpose, it promotes the visit at Ca’ Foscari University of highly qualified Italian and international experts and scholars, in possession of a significative scientific or professional curriculum.

Activities requested from a Visiting Professor or Scholar:

  • Visiting Professor: educational activities and/or seminars within an Educational Programme of the university;
  • Visiting Scholar: research activities and possibly seminars.

The Visiting Professor/Scholar may participate, with a vote that can only be taken as an advice, to the meetings of the Committee for the host structure, and also take part in exam committees as well as graduation commitees for the degree thesis discussion. The Visiting Professor/Scholar cooperates with the teaching and research structures of the University, carrying out a program in accordance with the strategic objectives of the University.

For more information

Teaching Staff Office - Teaching Assignment Unit
Tel. +39 041 234 8203

International Office - Welcome Unit
Tel. +39 041 234 7575

How to be a Visiting Professor/Scholar

Applications shall be submitted by a special resolution of the Board or the Head of Ca’ Foscari host structure (Department, Inter-department or Inter-university structure) and sent to the Human Resources Area – Teaching Staff Office.

For more details on the application procedure, please refer to the Regulations for Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars which is available in the Downloads table of this webpage.

Period of visit at Ca' Foscari and benefits

A Visiting Professor’s/Scholar’s period of visit at Ca’ Foscari may range from 30 days to 24 months.

During his/her visit at Ca’ Foscari, the Visiting Professor/Visiting Scholar is guaranteed:

  • workplace inside the host structure;
  • access to the computer facilities of the University;
  • access to University libraries;
  • support and information from the central administration offices regarding the procedures for obtaining a stay permit;
  • accident insurance;
  • special fees for the university canteens managed by ESU Venezia, the regional body for financial aid;
  • accommodation in Venice through the Housing Office of Ca' Foscari University (if the international professor or researcher intends to ask for accommodation, the International Office of Ca' Foscari University will provide him/her with the accommodation form as soon as he/she is officially nominated as a Visiting Professor/Scholar).

Regarding his/her teaching activities, the Visiting Professor must fill in an activity register to be submitted to the Head of the host structure.

For his/her research activities, the Visiting Scholar must submit a report of his/her work and findings to the Head of the host structure at the end of his/her visit at Ca’ Foscari University.

List of Visiting Professors/Scholars

icoYears 2017 [IT]335 K
icoYear 2016 [IT]374 K
icoYear 2015 [IT]268 K
icoYear 2014 [IT]155 K
icoYear 2013 [IT]254 K
icoFrom 2010 to 2012 [IT]53 K