Housing and canteens

The Housing Office is a service for Italian and international students, researchers, professors and administrative staff coming to study or work at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
The office can help you look for a suitable and convenient accommodation in student residences, flats or hotels that hold an agreement with Ca’ Foscari University.
The Housing Office matches the needs and preferences of the applicants with the available accommodations. It may also help you look for a temporary lodging and give useful information about Venice accommodation.

Who can apply

The housing service is exclusively for Italian or international students, researchers, professors or administrative staff coming to study or work at Ca’ Foscari University. All those people not related to the university cannot apply for this service.


Where: Palazzo Rio Nuovo (first floor), Dorsoduro 3861, Calle Larga Foscari, 30123 Venezia (Italy)

It is recommended to book an appointment. Students, researchers, professors or administrative staff without appointment will be received at the end of the appointments already booked.

Tel.: +39 041 234 8200 / 8222 / 8250
Fax: +39 041 234 8202

Student residences that have an agreement with Ca' Foscari

The list of student residences that have an agreement with Ca' Foscari may be subjected to further changes.
Accommodation in these student residences is accessible only through the Housing Office.

Visiting Professors/Researchers

Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers arriving at Ca' Foscari for short or long periods can contact the Housing Office in order to get help and assistance in finding a suitable accommodation.

For this purpose, users are reminded that Venice is a city tied to tourist seasons and therefore the office needs to receive requests with a proper advance on arrival. The office can not guarantee the certainty of accommodation.

Venice is a unique city, not a big one but with a great demand of accommodation and prices reflect this situation.

Private Apartments

Ca' Foscari Housing Office can consider the offers of landlords willing to rent their apartments in Venice, Mestre and Lido for short or long periods to professors or students working or studying at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The office only brings together the supply and demand with no charge. Landlords interested in this service can ask the office all relevant information. Flats have to be cozy and a regular contract is required.

Also students who leave temporarily or permanently their accommodation in Venice can apply for this service. In this case the landlord must agree about the replacement and the flat has to be governed by contract.

University Canteens

ESU Venezia, the regional body for student financial aid, is in charge of the university canteens where Ca’ Foscari students can eat at discount prices and choose among a variety of full or reduced menus including vegetarian and dietetic.


ESU Venezia - Ufficio Benefici
Rio Nuovo, Dorsoduro 3439/a, 30123 Venice
tel. +39 041 272 7117 - fax +39 041 528 5655
Website: www.esuvenezia.it


Giudecca 554, 30133 Venice
from Monday to Saturday 12.00 (noon)-3.00pm; from Tuesday to Sunday 7.00pm-9.00pm (only take-away pizza)

Iniziative Venete
Isola di San Servolo, 30124 Venice
Everyday - breakfast 7.30am-10.00am; lunch 12.00 (noon)-2.30pm; dinner 7.00pm-9.15pm

Rio Novo
Fondamenta Rio Novo, Dorsoduro 3467, 30123 Venice
from Monday to Friday 11.30am-3.00pm and 7.00pm-9.00; Saturday 12.00 (noon)-3.00pm and 7.00pm-9.00pm; Sunday 12.00 (noon)-3.00pm


Ristocaffè Open Venezia by Testolini
Via Paganello 8, 30172 Venezia Mestre
from Monday to Friday 12.00 (noon) -3.00pm

Ristorante Unico
Viale Ancona 10, 30172 Venezia Mestre
from Monday to Friday 12.00 (noon) -3.00pm


Pizzeria da Pasqualino
Via Pescatori 15, 31100 Treviso
from Monday to Friday 12.00 (noon) -3.00pm

VENICEAT@ca’ foscari

VENICEAT@ca’ foscari, the restaurant open in the Ca’ Foscari courtyard, provides locally-sourced quality products to all the Ca' Foscari community.

VENICEAT, managed by the Tino Eventi company, is comprised of a bar-cafeteria service, with breakfasts based on fresh products and the use of organic and certified ingredients, an aperitif service with a wide variety of typical Venetian "cicchetti" made with certified ingredients, a lunch service for all necessities, from a quick snack to dishes of the venetian and Italian tradition, with a constantly updated menu. On request, a catering service is available, with personalized offers.

True to the restaurant's committment on sustainability, VENICEAT@ca' foscari uses a line of entirely biodegradable glasses, towels and cleaning and washing products, together with the standard line of glass and ceramic products.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 7.30am – 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed
Dorsoduro 3246 – 30123 Venice

For further information

Simone Denis  tel. +39 334 788 1517 

Last update: 08/08/2018