Incoming Visiting Students

Ca' Foscari University of Venice encourages international students' involvement by assigning them the status of Visiting Students. This status may be granted to the students enrolled at a foreign university who wish to spend a study or research period at Ca' Foscari.

Contacts and reservations

Who can apply

The Visiting Student status can be assigned to:

  • students enrolled in international universities, even if they have already taken part in mobility programmes, who would like to take courses given by Ca' Foscari University.
    The applicants shall be currently enrolled at their home institution:
    • in a First Cycle Degree Programme requiring for entry the possession of a school leaving certificate;
    • in a Second Cycle Degree Programme requiring for entry the possession of a First Cycle Degree, or an equivalent degree from a programme lasting at least 3 years.
  • students enrolled in international universities who wish to conduct an independent research activity, whether aimed at completing a final thesis or not, in educational areas under study at Ca' Foscari or attend doctoral courses, under the guidance of an academic tutor.
    The applicants shall be currently enrolled at their home institution in a Second Cycle or Third Cycle (i.e. Research Doctorate) Degree Programme. If the degree programme they are enrolled in is a Single Cycle Degree Programme, they shall be enrolled in at least the fourth year of it.

Admission procedures

The international students interested in this programme shall submit their application form to the Counseling and Welcome Unit.

The following documents shall be submitted along with the application form duly signed:

  • passport copy (for EU students only, a valid identity card);
  • a presentation letter written by the student in Italian or English stating his/her reasons for wanting to attend any educational activities at Ca' Foscari. This letter shall be co-signed by a professor from the student's home institution;
  • a certificate of enrolment in your current degree programme, in Italian or English;
  • English or Italian certificate (B2 level) - check the "Recognized certification" tab;
  • those students wishing to conduct an independent research activity shall produce a presentation letter in English or Italian written by a professor from the student's home institution identifying the research subjects to be studied at Ca' Foscari.

The applicant shall submit his/her application along with the above listed documents to the e-mail address

The Counseling and Welcome Unit will then contact the candidates with an email containing all the details on the enrolment procedures.

Enrolment fees

In order to take part in the educational activities described before, the Visiting Student shall pay an enrolment fee, only after his/her application has been accepted by the Admission Committee and no later than the beginning of the semester at Ca' Foscari University.

  • In order to take part in any course at Ca' Foscari, the Visiting Student shall pay the following enrolment fees:
    • EUR 240.00 for each course worth 6 university credits or less;
    • EUR 300.00 for each course worth 7 university credits or more, or for courses including a laboratory activity;


bearing in mind that a maximum of 60 university credits can be earned each academic year.

  • As for research activities, the enrolment is free for periods of stay under 30 days;
  • As for research activities, the enrolment fee is EUR 200.00 for periods of stay between 31 days and 6 months;
  • Reimbursement is not admitted.

The enrollment also requires the payment of a revenue stamp worth 16,00€.

Educational activities available

  • Visiting Students who wish to take part in any course at Ca' Foscari may attend classes and other educational activities of all First or Second Cycle Degree Programmes (they will be admitted to courses with limited enrolment only after verifying if any places are available).
    For the list of the courses with lessons or other facilities in English (bibliography, final exam or student support in English), please visit this webpage.
    For the list of all the courses provided by Ca' Foscari University and their syllabi, please visit this page.
  • Visiting Students wishing to conduct an independent research activity, whether aimed at completing the final thesis of their degree programme, or participate in doctoral courses may request the guidance of a university tutor of Ca' Foscari by submitting a letter of presentation from a professor of their home institution.
    For information about the educational activities of Ca' Foscari Graduate School, please visit the website page concerning PhD Programmes. Each request will be verifies and approved by the PhD Program Coordinator in charge.

Please notice that the teaching language used in each course is indicated in the educational programmes as published annually and available on the university website. For those courses or research activities in the area of foreign languages or linguistics, educational activities may be conducted in the target language.

Facilities and charges

Visiting Students acquire the same rights and can take advantage of the same facilities as the other students of Ca' Foscari University: they can take final exams, use the libraries and computer laboratories of the University, take part in the student associations, have access to the university canteens at special prices, benefit from accident insurance, etc. Moreover they can ask for support in the search of an accommodation in Venice through the Housing Office of Ca' Foscari University.

Expenses for travel, meals, accommodation, health insurance and medical care are entirely the student's responsibility, as are expenses for books and all visas required to enter and stay in Italy.

Certifications and transcripts

  • At the end of their study period at Ca' Foscari, Visiting Students who have taken exams at Ca' Foscari University will be able to ask the Welcome Unit for a certificate or transcript. Such a certificate will list the exams taken, number of university credits earned and other information necessary for the home institution to recognize and grant the student credits for the courses and other educational activities completed at Ca' Foscari. If issued by the Welcome Unit, the certificate requires a EUR 16.00 revenue stamp.
  • Visiting Students conducting independent research activities can obtain a written declaration regarding the work done signed by his/her Ca' Foscari academic tutor. Upon request from the student's home university, said tutor can be invited for the discussion of the final thesis based on the student's research activity.

Transcript of Records

As soon as your exam results have been registered at the end of your study period in Venice, you will receive your Transcript of Records from the Welcome Unit, which will include a conversion of your grades according to the ECTS scale.

The ECTS grades are generated automatically upon the creation of your transcript by taking into account the results obtained by all of the students who have taken the same exam at Ca' Foscari in the last three years.

Here is an example of how the calculation works: Mario Lopez received a grade of 19/30 on the "English Language" exam associated with the code LT005P.

The percentage of Ca' Foscari students who obtained the same grade on the same exam in the last three years is 2%, which on the ECTS scale is interpreted as an E.

The formula used in this conversion process can be found in the ECTS guide published by the European Commission.

Incoming students with disability

Incoming students with disabilities / LD can count on the support of the Welcome Unit.

Partner universities must report the students’ disability once they are nominated by submitting a declaration in English, containing the details about the services offered at the home university to support the students.

During the online registration on Ca’ Foscari website the incoming students will have to attach the following documents:

  • Certificate stating the disability / LD;
  • Declaration provided by the home university. 

The Welcome Unit will report the situation to Ca’ Foscari Disabled Students Service, which can provide the following services:

  • Assistance during the exam, Tutor support (if requested);
  • Additional study time or mediation with professors in agreeing on the most suitable exam modality;
  • Initial support in familiarizing with the university buildings where the students’ lessons are held, the libraries and the administration offices;
  • Reservation of seats in the classrooms and potential help in obtaining the study materials and lectures notes. 

How to apply for a visa for study purpose - for NON-EU students

Starting from a.y. 2020/21 in order to get a VISA for study, students need to apply to the Universitaly portal: this tool has been designed for international students willing to study in Italy both for an entire study cycle or or just for a mobility.

This procedure do not concern citizens of Countries in the European Union, as well as from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See.

In order to apply to the Universitaly portal, we warmly recommend to check the Guideline in attachment.


Please, remember also to upload your Acceptance Letter while applying.

Once you have completed the procedure on the Universitaly portal, the International Office staff will check your applications which will be then forwarded by the system to the competent Embassies/Consulates. Each VISA application will be processed according to the relative methods and time frames of each Country diplomatic institution.

Please, mind that that the Universitaly application is compulsory but does not guarantee or imply any automatic right to the issuing of the relative study visa, which is the exclusive responsibility of the competent embassy or consulate.

Read the list of Italian embassies and consulates abroad [ITA].

Special Agreement with the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)  
Virtual mobilities only

Ca'Foscari University of Venice has recently signed an agreement with the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Austria): according to this new agreement, students coming from the Austrian University will be allowed to spend the second semester of this current academic year (2020/21) as a virtual mobility, with no tuition fees.

This initiative involves 10 students whi are officially nominated by the University of Klagenfurt by January 20th, 2021.

The course list can be found as attachment to this paragraph.

Last update: 26/07/2021