Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Bandiere della Svizzera

Ca' Foscari has activated a series of bilateral agreements with Swiss universities, with the aim of developing joint study, research and training activities, and of providing incentives for student mobility.

These agreements allow Ca’ Foscari students to take part in a learning exchange with a foreign partner university. Students selected are entitled to a monthly grant paid by the Swiss National Agency.

Students will be able to attend courses and take exams at Swiss universities without paying additional tuition fees. Provided these exams have been approved in advance by Ca’ Foscari professors through the compilation of the Learning Agreement, they will be recognised and entered in the student’s record book.

For more information

International Office - Mobility Unit
tel. +39 041 234 8377

Contacts and reservations

We remind you that:

  • the mobility period can take place in the second semester of Academic Year 2018/2019, following the academic calendar of the host university;
  • the call entails a mobility contribution dispensed by the Swiss National Agency to students benefiting from mobility, following timing and procedures established by the host university;
  • to participate to the SEMP call it is not necessary to have a specific linguistic certification prior to the deadline of the call; a linguistic certification may be required by the host university prior to the application deadline. Students will be held responsible for obtaining the required certifications prior to set deadlines;
  • the host university will be confirming final acceptance, following reception of requested mobility documents sent by students.

Who can participate

  • Students enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme. Students enrolled in a master’s degree programme at Ca’ Foscari who wish to graduate must choose a host university that accepts master’s degree programme students and indicate their graduate level in their cover letter;
  • Students enrolled in a Master’s Degree;
  • PhD candidates. The acceptance is limited to host universities which include this type of mobility.

How to apply

Students will receive a communication on their institutional email as soon as the call is published. To apply, it is necessary to log in the Personal Area: Servizi di  Segreteria Studenti- Esse3 – Mobilità Internazionale - Bandi di mobilità – Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

Please read carefully the Call before applying.

Departure, stay, return

After acceptance

Prior to set deadline, students must send their acceptance or refusal with an email to:, following the instructions provided in the Call.

Before departure

Before departure students must ask the professor in charge to sign their Learning Agreement.

During the mobility period

During the stay at the host university, students will be asked to:

  • fill in and sign the Confirmation of Arrival form and send it to the host university coordinator as well as to the following email address:;
  • ask the professor in charge at the host university to sign the Learning Agreement and send it to the following email address:;
  • fill in the form Changes to the Learning Agreement in case of intended total or partial modification of courses to be taken and send it to the professor in charge for it to be signed; the signed document will have to be sent to the following email address:;
  • send the form Extend of your stay to the following email address:, after being authorised by the host university and the professor in charge of the exchange agreement, in case of a wish of extension of the exchange period at the host university;
  • at the end of the mobility period, fill in the form Confirmation of Departure and send it to the following email address:

On the return from the mobility period

Students will have to send the Transcript of Records, released by the host university, to the following email address:, and give it to the professor in charge of students’ mobility together with the Learning Agreement and the Changes to the Learning Agreement (if any) for the Recognition of Credits form to be filled in. The Recognition of Credits form, once filled in and signed, will have to be sent by students to the following email address:

Last update: 05/12/2018