Outgoing Visiting Students

Bandierine di stati

The Ca' Foscari University of Venice promotes the international education of its students by means of European, overseas and Double/Joint Degree programmes, but they can also spend a study period abroad using other forms of placement, acquiring the status of Visiting Student and recognition of ECTS obtained abroad.

For more information

International Office - Mobility Unit
tel. +39 041 234 8377

Contacts and reservations

Standard of safety at destination

Inquire about the general standard of safety of your destination. Read carefully, sign and send to the Mobility Unit the attached Disclaimer and Authorization – Emergency contact before your departure

How to participate

If you are enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme at Ca' Foscari and you wish to spend a mobility period abroad as a Visiting Student, you must first check the regulations of the foreign university where you wish to spend your study period.

You must then formalize your request to Ca' Foscari according to the following procedure:

  • Submit the form, completed and signed by the Chairperson of the Teaching Committee or their representative, to the International Office – Mobility Unit.

You may study abroad as a Visiting Student for a maximum period of one academic year and obtain the recognition of up to 60 university credits. You must be regularly enrolled in a Ca' Foscari study course for the entire mobility duration.

Before your departure

The recognition of activities to be carried out abroad must be agreed upon in advance with the Teaching Committee responsible for your Study Programme.

In particular, you must complete the relevant online form and submit it to the Chairperson of the Teaching Committee or to their representative. Then send it to the International Relations Office – Mobility sector at  international.mobility@unive.it along with the Disclaimer and the Emergency contact form.

Remember that in order to be recognised exams must be included in your study plan at the time of submission of your request.

Upon your return to Italy

After completing your study period abroad you must submit the Transcript of Records, the Confirmation of Arrival and Departure form and the Credit recognition form signed by your academic coordinator to the International Office – Mobility Unit ( international.mobility@unive.it)

Special Agreement with the University of Klagenfurt (Austria) 
Virtual mobilities only

Ca'Foscari University of Venice has recently signed an agreement with the University of Klagenfurt (Austria): according to this new agreement, Ca' Foscari students will be allowed to attend a total virtual mobility for the second semester (a.y.2022/23), with no tuition fees.
This initiative is addressed to the first 10 students who apply by January, 31st 2023. The course list can be found attached to this paragraph. Should this office receive more than 10 applications, only the application with the largest number of recognizable credits will be accepted.

How to apply:

  • please, send an email to international.mobility@unive.it putting as object: "Klagenfurt": please, do not forget to attach the "Visiting Student Application Module", which has to be filled out and duly signed in all its parts; a blank form can be found checking the "How to participate" paragraph:
  • at the very beginning of February, the International Office staff will edit the results' selection and will send the nominees' list to the University of Klagenfurt.

Visiting Students in the frame of IMACS programme

The International Master in Cinema Studies (IMACS) is a network of 17 universities in France, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, canada and Brasil, that offers an international postgraduate programme, dedicated to cinema and media studies.
The IMACS programme is open to eight students enrolled in the MA History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage (Contemporary curiculum) each year, selected on the basis of a research project and their language skills. The selected students are expected to attend their classes in three different universities belonging to the network, their home university and two other institutions abroad, carrying out their studies in the field of cinema and media studies. The languages of instruction include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Please make contact with the local coordinators to learn more: proff. Marco Dalla Gassa and Miriam De Rosa.
The process of selection is managed by the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage.
The study plan to follow in the frame of IMACS programme is described in the attached Study Plan IMACS.
The two mobilities of the selected students takes place as part of the Visiting Students program.
The selected students must be regularly enrolled in the MA History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage before undertaking the mobility. During the mobility it is not possible to carry out any didactic activity at Ca' Foscari.

Procedures for selected students (for every single mobility):

Before departure:

  • Read carefully the information available at www.viaggiaresicuri.it and inquire about the general standard of safety of your destination;
  • Read, sign and send to international.mobilty@unive.it the disclaimer for international mobility;
  • Fill in the Request for authorisation to spend a study period abroad, send it for signature to miriam.derosa@unive.it and dallagas@unive.it ; once signed, send it to  international.mobility@unive.it;

Before your return to Italy:

Upon your return to Italy:

Forms - Departure, Stay and Return

Last update: 05/12/2023