Venetian university team wins University Rowing Challenge


Cus Venezia, with a crew made up of Ca' Foscari and Iuav universities together, won the International University Rowing Challenge. The team from Copenhagen came second, while Padua University won the final for third and fourth place.

In fourth place were the rowers from the University of Vienna. The team of the University of Ljubljana, which came in fifth, paraded during the procession of the Historical Regatta.

Tiziana Lippiello, Rector of Ca’ Foscari, commented: "I would like to thank all the crews and universities that accepted our invitation and gave life one more time to this splendid challenge".

The competition, now in its 19th edition (12th as an international challenge), took place in the Grand Canal on Sunday 3 September, during the most important Venetian rowing event: the Regata Storica (Historical Regatta).

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The International Universities Rowing Challenge is organised in collaboration with CUS Venezia and with the support of the Municipality of Venice and Vela S.p.A.

The galleons are traditional vessels, provided by Comitato Cittadino di Venezia per la Regata delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare Italiane.
Libreria Cafoscarina, Canella, New Murano Gallery and Azienda vitivinicola Capo di Vigna have also contributed to the event.


Venetian Universities Crew – CUS Venezia:
Pietro Bonaventura, Pietro Colombo, Sara De Battisti, Stefano Falcone, Davide Menegazzo, Massimo Nensi, Letizia Nuscis, Anita Serena, Matilde Stangherlin, Vittoria Stangherlin
Coxwain: Anna Mao
Coaches: Sergio Barichello, Alberto Vianello

University of Copenhagen crew:
Nicolai Bernsen, Victoria Bjerre Hansen, Christine Cardel, Olivia Cardel, Florian Franzen, Jakob Grænge, Christoffer Kruse, Nikoline Laidlaw, Jacob Lenzing, Stefanie Punke, Asger Waagepetersen

University of Ljubljana crew:
Jordan Arih Kranjec, Ana Berič, Žan Gulič, Lea Hren, Žiga Luskovec, Lana Meško, Žan Milošič, Alen Podunavac Bric, Anja Visočnik

University of Padua crew:
Giada Cantavalle, Lorenzo D'Ambrosi, Angela De Lucchi, Vera Donadello, Sonny Maniero, Tommaso Merola, Benedetta Petrecca, Matteo Romiti, Leonora Roncon, Gexi Sun, Tommaso Turato

University of Vienna crew:
Laura Boyer, Lisa Boyer, Anna Sophia Fröwis, Sebastian Kabas, Maximilian Oppletal, Florian Pflug, Christoph Philips, Julie Praeg, Adrian Reininger, Judith Satzinger

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