EGArt welcomes new English curriculum: Arts Management open for enrollment


The Masters’ degree programme in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities (EGArt) now offers a second path, held entirely in English.
“Arts Management” - this is the name of the curriculum - will soon open for enrollment, expanding Ca’ Foscari’s offer in terms of courses and providing students with an interdisciplinary education that encompasses a wide range of subjects from 5 different Departments, in particular those of Management and Philosophy and Cultural Heritage.
To find out more about this new opportunity, we interviewed Professor Francesco Casarin, coordinator of this course and of the Professional Master in Management of Cultural and Artistic activities.

What sets the new EGArt curriculum apart from other courses?

The new Arts Management curriculum - held entirely in English - is aimed at attracting foreign students or those with  international aspirations, using the distinguishing characteristics of our territory and trying to meet the expectations that students, both international and domestic, have on Venice and its surrounding region.
The goal is to provide a specialization path and an interesting alternative for traditional management students, by offering insight on the artistic and cultural world that permeates the Venetian area. 
The course intends to familiarize students with different aspects of management, particularly concerning performative and visual arts, music and curatorship - prominent elements of the outstanding cultural offer in Venice.

Why study Arts Management at Ca’ Foscari?

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a highly international environment and this new specialization path has been devised  in close collaboration with Venetian institutions, which have demonstrated a strong interest in international profiles. Moreover, Venice, can count on a number of advantageous conditions when compared to other European cities, one being the possibility for students to expand their traditional management education with a vast number of art and history classes. The curriculum we offer at Ca’ Foscari is definitely well rounded.

What is the status of the course in a national and international perspective?

After 20 years from its foundation, I think we can safely say that EGArt is a consolidated and well-appreciated on a national level. It was the first of its kind in Italy and it still is one of the best in the whole country.
As far as the international dimension is concerned, this course aspires to position itself amongst the leading institutions that offer this kind of education. Although it must be said that Venice has an advantage, and that is presenting students with more complex and stimulating issues, like the management of tourism flow and of the local natural attractions.

What career prospects can graduates in this field aspire to? 

EGArt graduates will be able to to hold positions of high responsibility involving planning, organization and management of cultural activities and events within companies, cultural institutions and regional bodies. Furthermore, they may operate as project managers, marketing managers, communication managers, curators and art directors.

To find out more about the course and how to enroll, visit the dedicated page

Francesca Favaro