Degree thesis

Useful information about the final degree exam

The Department of Economics has prepared a synthetic handbook with useful information about the final degree exam. Please consult it in order to know how to research materials and how to structure your thesis.

Students should always comply with possible additional indications given by their supervisor.

Students enrolled in the BA programmes of the Department of Economics (Economics and Business, International Trade and Tourism) may, if they wish to do so, substitute the final exam with a report based on the internship activities they carried out during their studies.

All the relevant information have been published on the document below, which will be updated for each graduation session.

Thesis supervisor

Your thesis supervisor must be:

  • a tenured Professor (Full Professor, Associate Professor or Researcher) belonging to the Department of Economics or the Department of Management*;
  • a tenured Professor belonging to other University Departments or an Adjunct Professor in charge of a course offered in a BA or MA programme of the Department of Economics.
  • External Professors in charge of supplementary or practical courses cannot be chosen as supervisors, as well as language assistants or Visiting Professors.

* Students wishing to be supervised by a Professor who belongs to the Department of Management must respect the procedure of assigning the thesis supervisor.

Final degree exam and thesis assessment

For the final degree exams of the Bachelor’s Degree programmes offered by the Department of Economics, the assessment is based on an evaluation scheme with marks ranging from 0 to 6, according to the following criteria:

  • 0 to 5 points reflecting the thesis evaluation. Specifically:

    • 5 points for an exceptional thesis
    • 4 points for an excellent thesis
    • 3 points for a good thesis
    • 2 points for a fair thesis
    • 1 point for a sufficient thesis
    • 0 points for a barely acceptable thesis

  • as for the final exam with a report based on the internship activities: 0 to 2 points;
  • In addition, 1 point may be given if the student has obtained an average grade equal or superior to 26/30 in previous exams or if the student has received at least one cum laude grade among previous exams.

Concerning theses for Master’s Degree programmes, please consult the following page: Characteristics and assessment of final exam.

Last update: 19/06/2024