Androne Ca' Foscari

Photo gallery of the university venues from 1868 onwards

Builnding Ca' Foscari - map
Address Dorsoduro 3246 - 30123 (VE) - Ground floor
Capacity 100-150 persons approx.
Accessibility Accessible - Accessible route
Size 200 - 280 square meters approx.
Multimedia equipment Not provided for
Standard equipment Free spaces partly equipped with benches

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The Androne Ca’ Foscari is a wide venue opened on one side on a courtyard and on the other on the “porta ad acqua” opening on the Grand Canal, viewing the Rialto bridge to the Accademia. This door is a direct access from the Canal to the building and it is where the “Machina” (the floating historical stage that represents the finish line of the event) is built for the Historical Regata.

The venue is characterized by the gothic columns and the elegant eighteenth century stairs to the “piano nobile” of the building. It is one of the spaces that were restored by Carlo Scarpa in 1936, associating beautifully modern decorative elements in a fifteenth century context, including lighting details or the handrail in the stairs.


Services include opening and closing the venue, activating multimedia equipments at the beginning of the event. Continued assistance is not included. Additional paid services may be requested at the time of reservation.

Additional paid services that can be requested: Wi-fi, audio/video equipment, technical assistance.

Catering services may be requested at the time of reservation.

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