University Library System

portal of Ca’ Foscari bibliographic resources

cerCa' simultaneously searches all the paper and electronic resources of the University libraries: books, e-books, periodicals, e-journals, articles, theses and other documents contained in Primo Central and ARCA


From 24 August 2020 for BAUM, BEC and BAS and from 31 August 2020 for BALI, University members must book the access to the services through the Affluences app or the Affluences website. For more information, see the page of the specific library: BALI, BAS, BAUM, BEC.

Libraries services

In all the libraries, the following services are available for University members and only by reservation: the consultation service, the loan, the photocopying service, the interlibrary loan and the document delivery.
For more information, see the page of the specific library: BALI, BAS, BAUM, BEC, CFZ.

Electronic resources

You can access ebooks, ejournals, theses and much more also from home. To access electronic resources follow the instructions on the page Remote access to electronic resources. The libraries' initiatives include Electronic resources in a clip, short videos about the main databases, and Covid-19: online resources, list of ebooks, ejournals and banks made accessible during the Covid-19.

JoVE and Artstor

Until 31 December 2020 you can access JoVE Science Education, ejournal that combines scientific studies and videos (JoVE Chemistry, JoVE Lab Chemistry, JoVE Environmental Sciences, Basic Biology), and Artstor Digital Library, database containing about 300 collections and more than 3 million images from museums and photographic archives.