Board, faculty, associates

NOIS research center was founded in 2020 at the Department of Management – Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, as a refocusing operation of the former research center for Innovation, Organization, and Strategy (IOS).  Network, in fact, as a concept and a metaphor, is at the center of many of the research interests of our Faculty that explores networks from many different disciplinary approaches.
Today NOIS groups several scholars and post-docs of the Department of Management (our Faculty), scholars and researchers from other universities or departments (our Associates), and PhD students, junior researchers, and experts (our Collaborators).

Steering committee

Anna Moretti - Scientific director
Research interests: network governance, innovation, coordination mechanisms

Sasha Piccione - Project manager
Research interests: social network analysis, social network dynamics, labour law, multidimensional networks, organization design, opinion diffusion, M&As

Scientific board

Viviana Amati
Research interests: analysis of networks, network modeling, multivariate statistics

Francesco Izzo [ITA]
Research interests: innovation management, creative industry, cultural entrepreneurship, small business

Elisa Operti
Research interests: social networks, negative ties, collaboration, innovation

Josh Whitford
Research interests: economic sociology, organizations, social network analysis


Emin Altun
Research interests: business and network evolution, serendipity, entrepreneurial innovation.

Maria Martini Barzolai
Research interests: network governance, network emergence and evolution, tourism destinations



Sara Bonesso
Research interests: human resource management, emotional and social competencies, innovative behavior



Anna Cabigiosu
Research interests: open innovation, product and service design, new product development process



Francesco Casarin
Research interests: innovation strategy, collaborative marketing, marketing and new realism



Rachele Cavara
Research interests: organizational misconduct; network organization; organizational ecosystems; European automotive industry

Anna Comacchio
Research interests: organization design, innovation mechanisms, coordination

Andrea Ellero
Research interests: opinion diffusion, revenue management, multiple-criteria decision making 



Giovanni Fasano
Research interests: numerical pptimization, machine learning, operations research

Giovanni Favero
Research interests: historical methods, microanalysis, innovation networks



Claudio Giachetti
Research interests: competitive dynamics, product innovation, strategy under uncertainty

Massimiliano Nuccio
Research interests: digital innovation, data-driven decision making, digital economy



Flora Panna Birò
Research interests: internationalisation, international business, international trade, institutional economics, development economics

Raffaele Pesenti
Research interests: supply chain management, transportations, process and decision optimization



Antonio Proto
Research interests: bank strategy and organization, bank - firm relationships, lending transactions

Salvatore Russo
Research interests: public management, social enterprises, healthcare



Chiara Saccon
Research interests: financial reporting, accounting regulation convergence, accountability



Marco Tolotti
Research interests: complex systems, inventory management, social interactions



Matteo Triossi Verondini
Research interests: matching, market design, organization

Francesco Zirpoli
Research interests: network governance, innovation management, theory of the firm




Joseph Andria
Research interests: computer, management and social sciences, sustainability

Lisa Balzarin
Research interests: routines, innovation, cultural and creative industries

Veronica Leoni
Research interests: tourism economics, tourism management, microeconometrics, tourism networks

Stefano Li Pira
Research interests: imitation strategies, networks, competitive dynamics

Rosario Maggistro [ITA]
Research interests: transportation networks, dynamical flow networks, social interaction



Visiting Scholars

Elisabeth Müller
Research interests: network governance, inter-organizational collaboration, responsible innovation, family firms and SMEs


Federica Donai
Research interests: Hospitality, Outdoor and open-air Tourism, Sustainable travels, Accessible destinations, Tourism for charity

Romina Vian
Research interests: Tourism economics, Destination management, Social network analysis

Alessia Vidali
Research interests: Sustainable tourism, Tourism marketing, Network society, Human resources, Innovation and Creativity