Annual monitoring of departmental research and third mission

The departmental monitoring of research was reorganized in 2018 in order to make it more connected with internal and ministerial evaluation procedures. Furthermore, starting from the 2020 financial year, the scope of monitoring was extended to Third Mission activities.

In its current configuration, the process involves the following phases:

  1. By 10 September every year, the Evaluation Unit, the Quality Assurance Unit and the Vice-Provost for Research, in collaboration with the Research Area (ARic), define and update the format of the departmental research and Third Mission monitoring report, containing the data and information on which to start the process.
  2. By 30 September, using the information registered in the ARCA University Catalogue, the Research Area sends to each Department:

    1. data on the progress in scientific production for all researchers, on the basis of indicators defined by the Vice-Provosts for Research and Evaluation, in consultation with the University Quality Assurance Unit;
    2. a list of inactive researchers (who have not submitted any publications useful according to ANVUR criteria and in any case with an ISBN/ISSN/DOI code, in the last three years);
    3. a list of newly hired/newly promoted researchers, according to ANVUR criteria, and the respective publications in the three-year period;
    4. the data available on Third Mission activities.

  3. By 30 November, each Department shall send to ARic the annual Research and Third Mission monitoring report, drafted in English or in Italian and English, supplemented with data on the ADiR distribution and with all the information required by the format. The reports are sent at the same time to the Rector and the Quality Assurance Unit, who can ask the Department Directors for further information and clarifications.
    The monitoring reports are subsequently sent to the Evaluation Unit for its opinion and to the University Advisory Board. The Advisory Board may send any comments by 31 January of the following year.
  4. By 31 March, the Evaluation Unit shall express an opinion on the reports received, focusing in particular on the quality of the analysis undertaken and on the consistency of the actions for improvement proposed by the departments, taking into account, where possible, any comments from the Advisory Board.
  5. Upon completion of the process, the departmental reports and the opinion of the Evaluation Unit are brought to the attention of the Academic Senate.   

Completed monitoring exercises

In this section it is possible to consult the annual reports submitted by the departments in the previous monitoring exercises

Last update: 05/09/2022