Within its exhibition activities and collaborative scientific projects, CSAR develops and reassesses innovative educational programmes for museums and exhibition venues. Educational projects represent a core activity of the centre’s public engagement programme and have established themselves in the professional art community.

Ca’rte lab

Ca'rte lab promotes on regular basis events, workshops and educational programmes addressed at families and children aged between 6 and 10 years.

The working methodology is based on an integrated approach, which takes into account the perception of the art world by the young participants.
The main purpose is to involve them in creative activities inspired by the exhibition display and contents.

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Cultural Mediators

The "Cultural Mediators" project/program was launched in 2009 and has been ever since reviewed and updated on regular basis.
Cultural mediators are competent actors within an exhibition space, who react and reply to the visitors questions, hence developing among them an interactive relation to the works on show.
Cultural mediation has proved to be an essential and productive experience for both visitors and the involved students.
The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage regularly publishes calls addressed to students from the humanities and the related study fields.
The selected students receive a specific training targeted at enhancing their skills of interaction with the public at large, fostering leadership and personal initiative.
The project's main objective is to help create the conditions for a dynamic and productive perception of the artworks by visitors.

80% of the projects are carried out in partnership with some of the leading museums and institutions in Venice and Veneto:

  • Fondazione Biennale di Venezia
  • Venice Pavilion (Biennale, Giardini)
  • Comune di Venezia
  • Fondaco dei Tedeschi
  • Fondazione MUVE
  • Fondazione Prada
  • Fondazione Querini Stampalia
  • Fondazione di Venezia - Casa dei Tre Oci
  • Fondazione Pinault (Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana)
  • Gallerie d’Italia, Vicenza, Palazzo Leoni Montanari

Internship and PCTO projects

As part of the paths for transversal skills and orientation addressed to high school students (PCTO), CSAR offers three training experiences, both online and offline:

Organization of cultural events (30 hours):

This activity aims to introduce students to the organization of cultural events of different types (exhibitions, conferences, talks, film festivals). The main idea is "learning by doing", hence by working on the different stages and tasks of the “making of” a cultural event (data and material collection, communication, management of mailing lists and social networks, etc.)

Russian film subtitling project:

The activity aims to introduce students to the practice of subtitling films recently produced in Russian language, through participation in an online workshop in which they learn how to use a specific software.

EDUCATE WITH ART. Museum and exhibition didactics

Education is today one of the main functions of museums, collections, galleries and exhibition spaces. Through their educational programme, art institutions put their public in connection with the stories and objects on display. Museum didactics is one of the most interesting and creative aspects revolving around the art and museum environment. It is a relatively recent area, which has not been sufficiently investigated yet and therefore requires a specially trained professional staff.
The workshop aims to introduce students to this specific subject and make them familiar with the related activities, through theoretical meetings and practical activities.
In collaboration with Fondation Lepercq.

CSAR Internship

The Сentre for Studies in Russian Art gives to Ca' Foscari students the opportunity to carry out internships by taking an active part in the Centre's initiatives. Students will have the chance to co-organize cultural events, contributing to all the stages of the “making of” process, including communication, proofreading and editing of texts, cataloging and archiving data and collectibles.

Curatorial Traineeship

The Centre for Studies in Russian Art (CSAR) has launched a curatorial traineeship activity called "Curatorial Traineeship", in which the 32 selected students will actively participate in the implementation of the exhibition projects organized for 2022 by CSAR.

The curatorial trainees will assist the scientific secretariat and the curators' assistants in all phases of the realisation of the exhibitions. 

The activities will be divided into 6 thematic areas related to different exhibition events:

  • Setting up and Registrar
  • Graphic design and Catalogue
  • Press office, Communication and Social media
  • Educational
  • Collateral activities
  • Project management