Fundamental Research - Fondo Italiano per la Scienza

Fondo Italiano per la Scienza - Ricerca fondamentale

The call by MUR - Italian Ministry for University and Research supports fundamental research projects, in the framework of the Fondo Italiano per la Scienza established in 2021. The fund is addressed to high qualifying research activities, in line with the ERC - European Research Council.

The funding includes two actions, inspired by the European Research Council (ERC) core funding schemes:

  1. Starting Grants, for emerging researchers (Junior PI) with 2-10 year postdoctoral experience (can be waived in case of documented career interruptions). Maximum funding: 1M euros per project (with further 500.000 euros available for equipment in panels LS and PE);
  2. Advanced Grants, for established researchers, with a minimum of 10 year experience (Senior PI) and maximum 65 years old. Maximum funding: 1.5M euros per project (with further 500.000 euros available for equipment in panels LS and PE).

Project proposals may deal any relevant research field in one of the ERC's reserch main areas: Life Sciences (LS), Physical sciences and Engineering (PE) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SH).

Project duration up to 5 years.

Candidatures open to researchers of any nationality, who choose Ca' Foscari University of Venice as Host Institution, whether or not they are already working at Ca' Foscari.

From 2022, the call will fund also ERC Starting and Advanced Grant project proposals, which received a positive evaluation from ERC, but exceeding the budget available.

Call for applications 2021

50 million euros are available for this call, of which 20 dedicated to the Starting Grant and 30 to the Advanced Grant. 

Call opens: 26 October 2021
Deadline: 27 December 2021.

Project proposals must be uploaded in the dedicated platform, accessible from the call opening, in English language.
The evaluation undergoes a two-stage procedure, similar to ERC calls. 

Last update: 26/11/2021