SPIN - Supporting Principal INvestigators

With the purpose of promoting impact research and strengthening its attractiveness for the best international researchers, since 2018 Ca’ Foscari University is investing its own resources on a new initiative: SPIN - Supporting Principal INvestigators.

The scope of the call is to receive proposals from outstanding talents to fund research projects with a maximum duration of 24 months in all scientific areas available at Ca’ Foscari.


Research Area
P: +39 (0)41 234 8091/8297

Call for applications 2021

Standard projects

It addresses applicants, holding a position at Ca’ Foscari, who intend to develop collaborative projects that could lead to new research developments and international collaborations and could strengthen their project-design capacities for a possible participation in competitive calls for proposals.

The SPIN Call for applications 2021 funds proposals falling under "Standard projects measure" and it is thus exclusively addressed to professors and researchers - RTD a) and b) - already holding a position at Ca’ Foscari.

Proposals must be submitted online, in .pdf format and English language, at https://pica.cineca.it/unive/spin2021/domande/
Applicants must attach the Proposal Template, duly completed, and their CV and Academic track record using the "CV and grants" template available at the submission website.
Project proposals must be duly authorised by the relevant Department (CDD approval or Director Decree) according to the usual procedure adopted for all national and international projects under competitive calls.

Deadline: 17 May 2021 at noon (Rome CET).

The evaluation process is held in one step only: proposals received will be assessed for their scientific excellence and applicant’s profile by two external referees each. Referees will be selected from those included in the national database Reprise. Proposals are assigned on the basis of the ERC panel/s selected as well as from 3 to 5 keywords. A Committee appointed by the Rector will draw the final ranking list.

Past calls

2019 calls and evaluation results

2018 calls and evaluation results

Last update: 01/07/2021