Francesca Tarocco
Department of Asian and North African Studies

Scientific Committee

Shaul Bassi
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

David Gentilcore
Department of Humanities

Francesco Gonella
Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems

Roberta Raffaetà

Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

Francesco Vallerani
Department of Economics

Massimo Warglien
Department of Management

Fabiana Zollo
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

Affiliated Faculty

Cristina Baldacci
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

Pietro Daniel Omodeo
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

Sabrina Marchetti
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage


Benedetta Cotta
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

Her current research focuses on "sustainable welfare" and the emergence of eco-social policies at European, national and local levels of governance.

Silvia Francescon
Research grant holder

Is an expert in international environmental law. Her research is aimed at exploring the radical adherence of deep ecology and eco-centrism to the Buddha's thought, and - consequently - to re-imagine and imprint into action the idea of rights from a biocentric rather than anthropocentric perspective.

Jacopo Scarin
Department of Asian and North African Studies

His current research project deals with the religiosity of the Chinese diaspora in Italy with a focus on the effects of COVID-19 on the religious practice of the Chinese Evangelicals in the Veneto region.

Visiting Scholars

Anna Lora-Wainwright
University of Oxford

Is working on a collaborative project with two colleagues in China (an academic and an NGO practitioner) which concerns an ongoing citizen science initiative to monitor water quality in rural China. During her visiting fellowship she will complete a co-authored journal article titled ‘Becoming Citizens through Citizen Science in China’, submitted to Science, Technology and Human Values. The article outlines the various ways in which student-volunteers developed “transformative potentials”, focusing on rural water quality challenges, the scientific complexities of evaluating water quality and its effects on health.

Staff (CESA)

Roberta D’Argenio
Executive financial officer

Barbara Del Mercato
Project manager

Giulia Brolese

Alessandra Bonesso
Research facilitator